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GOW is not fun anymore...Feels like a HUGE money grab!

I feel sorry for the new users to this game. Most of the excitement of GOW since I started playing in 2016 was getting the legendaries and even more so the Mythics…but for today’s player…if you are not lining the pockets of the devs with your hard-earned cash…you are not going to be on the receiving end of either…especially anything Mythic. I have seen the reduction of event keys, and then weaker and weaker payouts…the latest rumor is that Legendary tasks are going to be reduced in the quality of the payout.

Well, GOW devs…I hope you relay the info that whoever is running the show in your dev house requiring you to lower the payouts in order to gain more purchases…it is going to backfire. I hear from more and more loyal fans that they are getting closer and closer to jettisoning this sinking ship…

It’s time to make the fun game again…make winning top troops fun again…and making the game evenly balanced and fun again…or its over.

NOBODY likes a greedy dev when it comes to F2P games!!!

Well i do like the game but don’t want to put money into it , becaus you can do all free just takes a bit longer ( a bit is ok but no year)

Like the new update:

Im a trophy gamer so yeah there comes a new trophy of the new mytic troop. Well i have not many time to play , family , buying a house , worl so i do want to play other games 2. But if you are not in a good guild you get nothing if you see you need 100.000 souls and 50.000 for a weapon on the new mytic to craft him this is crazy. Its around 450 gems to buy 18.000 souls in a week when you are in the top 100 with guild you get after your rewards 100 to 1000 so if you only get 100 and do all blue tasks you get enough to maybe buy 25.000 , when only the number 1 guild gets 1.000 gems and including blue tasks the can buy @ least 54.000 souls. So yeah the make the game harder to get materials and the make the game for beginners to play it a bit and walk away.

They should do better things with giving rewards. You only get good rewards when you get in top 500 in pvp well alot of people can only play 2 hours a day! So for them its not going to happen for good rewards also with guild when you have 20 guilds with 10 people in it playing 8 hours a day… you cant do anything good.

Try to find a reward section for newbies’s and lower guilds. And not ranked on trophies but points.

I would say wipe the whole leaderboard and start fresh, points giving like this and ( NO TROPHIES)

Day 1 brown: Your team can hold 4 troops each troop with brown color counts 200 points so max 800 , if your team has another color you only get 100 points for that troop , each enemy defeated 200 points any color , and if the troop you defeat is also brown you get 100 points. Why non brown give you more points?
This is to your benefit of playing with a full brown team. Also keep the points giving and calculated now for fast game , extra turns and so on…

Also pulling this line in PVP , no trophies just based only daily color points giving to your guild.

I think this way it would people to use other troops than Queen Mab and Kralen or Troll team. It would be so that if someone plays with a brown team versus non brown and lose still get more points for his guild and himself.

And each bracket winner guild get 500 gems. And to keep profitting of this away you cant join another guild in the week you are and the next week, because it would be easy to start a new guild for easy brackets the other week to get another 500 gems.

King Regards

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The whole interest to F2P games is about being cash grabs. Every single one of them. some just more than others. It is how they survive without having a subscription model. The game can not simply run on a hamster in a wheel 24/7. And considering I’ve played numerous F2P over the years. GoW is by far one of the least cash grab F2P games. And its funny anyways because F2P is not really F2P. Its F2P as per a demo or testing the waters to see if you like the game. then its P2S or Pay 2 Stay. As in pay to stay competitive. You can not simply stay competitive in F2P games if you never put any money in. It just isn’t how they are designed.