On F2P in general, and GoW in particular

First off, I would like to congratulate the developers on creating an excellent and engaging game. I understand in the current marketplace climate (I’m coming in from mobile gaming in this instance) in-app purchases are becoming more of a norm, infuriating as that can be as a gamer. That said, I applaud the team’s decision to not insult their player base with in-your-face pushing of “deals” and MOST especially for avoiding the ever-unpopular “stamina”/“energy” system that plagues most other games of this type. The original Puzzle Quest was one of my favorites of this genre, and Gems of War is to me a fine example of a not-entirely-greedy follow up (for the flip side, see the various Marvel efforts and other things D3go has shoveled out into the mobile gaming space.)

As one who very rarely dips into the waters of IAP, I just wanted to throw that respect out there, and note that I’m down with throwing a few dollars into this game without my usual reservation. As I said, my primary hatred for IAP is aimed squarely at games with energy-related systems that restrict play time (why would you want to punish your players?) and your avoidance of that earns many marks in my book. I will be putting some of my cash into your direction, and hope to continue to support this type of game in the future.

Players out there, whether you’re grinding away freely or a “whale” pay-to-win, I hope we can all agree that this game is a good step in the right direction for monetization in the mobile gaming arena. Thank you for your game, and your time in reading this post.


Well said! Nice to hear a positive post and not whining or trolling :slightly_smiling:

100% agree :slight_smile:

Thanks @nensor,
We did really want to avoid an energy mechanic (we hate them too!) and it was a weight off our minds when we finally got to rid ourselves of the Gold cost on battles last month. We love that people can now play as much as they want, as often as they want, completely for free!


Let’s see… how many gold keys could I have bought with the 2M gold I spent on battles before that was changed… hmmm… 5K keys would look pretty good right now! :slightly_smiling:

That math doe.

:+1: Been a while since I last saw a post like this. I believe the last one was thanks to @killerman3333.

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