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So much to do now, and it's great (general feedback)

First of all, i will say that GoW as been my favorite mobile game since launch.
That, after all this time, we still get updates and weekly cards is amazing.
Thank you devs.

This morning, i opened the game, and realised what i felt i had to do: My Boss battle. The Pet Rescue. My 3 Dungeon. Then, maybe some maps towards the week’s goal, or some PVP for rank.

It was… jarring? Like: OMG, i might not be able to do everything!
And that can be frustrating or annoying for players who have been used to do everything and buy everthing, everyday, for months.

But you know…it’s actually cool. More content than i can handle… can’t really complain. Variety for all.

So, good work, good fun, yay!

Now, i will permit myself some feedback and suggestions on 3 aspects:

The Gems Economy

I think it is currently just a bit off, but not by much. I can only speak for myself (harcore player in a low/midrange guild) but currently i am always short.
Now, that could be a good thing, right, since needing gems means i’ll buy gems, and thus more $$ for the game.
But… the opposite is happening.
When i had less stuff to purchase, and had some gems in bank, i often came close to having enough for some VIP chests, or a rare buy, and thus i’d go for it. Made VIP 10 that way. But now i am so impossibly far from getting everything that i am not even tempted. I have not touched VIP chests in months.

It’s like drowning in water. If you are so very close to the surface, maybe you’ll try and do the little extra to reach it. But if you are deep at the bottom, you are pretty much stuck at the bottom. Buying a quick 75 gems bundle won’t help.

So i’d suggest either: Lower gems cost of stuff, OR give out more gems OR lower real $ cost of gem bundles.

Lots of things to do, varied content, good. But some events, like Raids and Invasion, are quickly losing appeal because they are just long, and, sadly, unappealing.
This week, we only do Boss raids for the guild effort reward. But there is nothing fun about fighting long battle with boring Sword Edge troops. It’s just long, tedious, and unfair. It’s like punching a brick wall for a reward. Same invulnerable one-shoting 5-color Boss. Again…
Please review these event so that they are more fun to do.
And refrain from timed event! With everything we have to do, short timer event are a mistake!

As many know, my personal dead horse to beat is Exploders. They are currenlty a great way to get mana, do good damage, and have a chance to loop, creating random games, more based on luck than skills.

With the addition of Doomskull, 3 things affect the exploder:
1- Even greater mana generation, because Doomskull add to the explosion, and often created secondary explosion from the cascades.

2- Greater damage, from the exploding skulls and the following cascades.

3- Greater chance of extra turn: If the initial explosion doesn’t create a 4-match, the secondary booms are an extra chance to do it.

It is very very noticeable, from Goblins, to Infernus, to Azura/Skaadi, to Dragonsoul, i really feel explosions are just out of balance.

i suggest: review the % of mana generated from explosion, OR reduce Doomskulls to 5%, OR add something other then freezing to prevent extra turns.

Thanks, that is it for now, keep it up, game still fresh, and still my favorite.


Ya doomskull are way more common than 10% of skulls drop. They should be lowered to 5% if as of now they are indeed at 10%


One thing I do not understand is why people think they have to do every single thing and get every single pet even if they have to be on game for 24 hours to do so. There is always tomorrow so there will be more chances so no need to foam at the mouth if you miss something.


I completely agree.
I feel even less stressed about it now that it’s obvious I won’t get everything (like the map event this week).


I does reduce my desire to by gems .

Hey guys.
I reanimated this because I feel again the overwhelming agenda, and it’s nice. To a point.

So log-in.
On the to-do list:
Try to complete blue PVP kills
Hope for Pet goblins :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh look, Bounty!
Oh look, new kingdom!!!

WoW. Cool.

Here is the problem: of all those things, only 1 feels « mandatory »: Invasion.
The rest is up to me. I can skip Dungeons, or invest less in the Bounty.
But Invasion is for the guild. Got to do my best, right.

Alas, it is also the most tedious, long, and boring.

The 1 « must do » thing, is at the bottom of my « want to do » list.

I am sure you guys can find a fix for this.
I believe in you!

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I was just saying in guild chat yesterday, “What did we do all day when there was no Guild Wars, no Raid/Invasions, no Gnome Hunt, no Pets, no Dungeon?” I certainly couldn’t go back to those days, even though gems were more plentiful.


I was thinking recently that explosions mana should probably go down to 50% too…


I dunno… I think having Invasion and Bounty on the same week is a little too much.
And I would much prefer if the Boss Raid is replaced with the Bounty instead.
At least, as a GM, from what I’ve observed in my guild, enthusiasm in Boss Raid mode is absolute low.
Invasion, on the other hand, is actually quite popular.

As for where to put Boss Raid… i dunno… maybe just recycle it into a mini-game instead.


Bounty should always be during GW week in my opinion.


I’m kinda curious to know if, since all the new stuff, there is an increase in real $ spent, and it that growth is still going.