Hi to all from new player

Just wanted to say Hi to all. I have been playing GOW for a month now. Am on Level 145. I play for fun in spare time.

I was attracted by the game’s extremely beautiful art and characters. Thank you to the creators for that!

The cards made the game really interesting - unlike other gems-type of games. So far I am enjoying it and I have not gotten bored.

I haven’t joined a Guild yet - taking my time to check things out. I do not want to be under any pressure.


I agree always been big on strategy and CCG and TCG games but have never been into gem matching games until this one. I like the combination of strategy and the mana collection and board control of the gem matching combination which is what makes GoW enjoyable to me. I have been playing just a little over a year now myself. Find yourself a good guild the rewards will really help as will the advice from players who can hand down knowledge.


Thank you for the welcome and information!

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Hi @Ash3nShad3.
If you interested to learn more about the game and what you need to do, there are plenty of great videos’ on YouTube for beginners. Keylime, Sinnycool, Tacet, Genkicool, Hazard, Honest Rob, Lootwizard, Crisp Purpose, Relle, C T H Trophy Hunter, Gow Rainbow and many many more. Also Crazy if you know Russian.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them and I really appreciate their time and effort.


I am a part of the guild salted caramel and we are looking for players to help us rebuild, if you are interested in joining i can give you more details

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Welcome to the community @Ash3nShad3 ! It’s an addictive game, isn’t it? :smile:

I have a series of videos that should be really helpful. Below is a link to my Playlists area, and if you find the Tiny Tutorials list and click on the VIEW FULL PLAYLIST button, you’ll be able to scan through the titles quickly.


Thank you so much for all the help!

Best advice ever for a new player is join a active guild - you will get so much resources it will accelerate the game for you tonnes. You can get by in this game FTP.
Some guilds have no requirements for new players


Welcome to GoW! Join a guild that fits your play style and don’t pay too much attention to the (often toxic) forums and you’ll be just fine. :smile:


Welcome @Ash3nShad3! Happy gemming.

Thank you - though I am not so new anymore…on Level 1233 by now! Played a ton (whilst on sick leave)…


lol more like 001 drama sadly.