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Developer Appreciation Thread

I was reading through a topic titled “Gate Of Souls Is An Embarassment” and suddenly felt the urge to make this topic.

As that topic made me realize that there are people who don’t seem to be aware that the people who actually do most of the work on the game ( programming, community managers ect. ) aren’t responsible for most of the decisions made towards the game’s development. They’re just doing there best to do whatever their bosses tell em to, regardless of whether or not they think it’s a good idea.
The same thing goes towards the game’s not so great monetization model, that’s chosen by the higher ups and investors.
With that said if your going to blame someone for the game’s problems, please blame the right people.
( Of course they screw up on their end too from time to time but not nearly enough to warrant alot of the discontent that I’ve seen )

On behalf of myself and my fellow gem crushers I thank the game’s staff for it’s past and continued hard work and dedication on the game.


Every 6 months or so there’s a thread like this, so. It will be interesting to see once again what the fresh faces think a year from now (not that I’m preaching negativity—just that I think a lot of people in the linked thread might have a different outlook than they once did):


As the creator of the linked thread, I can say that while I try to be more positive than some users on this forum, I am certainly not as positive as I was then XD


I agree that it’ll be interesting, as time passes outlooks & opinions change.
One may hope that the average opinion of the game will become more positive over time but only time will tell.