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Another attempt at bringing GEMS back to GEMS of War

Soooooo… I have been doing some thinking… :thinking:

And I happened to download another Infinity +2 game by the name of Tiny Quest. If you haven’t played it, check it out, very fun bite sized puzzle game with interesting mechanics. Not a soul sucking beast like GoW, but fun to kill a few minutes here and there.

I noticed something while playing this game. Every day you log in, you earn a log in bonus. Sound familiar?

HOWEVER, the log-in bonus for Tiny Quest is GEMS, literally almost the identical graphic. Day 1 is 10 gems, Day 2 is 20, through to Day 7 when you earn 70 gems for logging in. Once you have reached Day 7, so long as you keep logging in, you keep earning 70 gems/day.

GEMS are the premium currency in that game as well, FYI.



You economy breaking mad man!!

I love it :grin:


Unfortunately since the refusal to return the Blue guardian to 590 gems from 390 based on the fact it would supposedly “break the economy”, I don’t see this happening…and that’s only 200 gems per week. I do like the idea, though!

It would be great to get more than 3500 Gold and 16 Glory as a daily login bonus.


I can see the same troops of GoW there, just… funny and cute :scream:
It’s almost a spin-off, thanks @efh313 for pointing it out!

Gems as a reward for logging in. One hopes.


Love the idea @efh313. It would be a nice addition. :grin:

I’ve never played that game. Do players have other ways of obtaining free gems in that game?


They will lesson over time. that’s how they get you,

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would be really a great change and much more useful than some gold and glory!


Many of the Japanese (and even Korean) cellphone games I’ve played worked like this. It was enough to keep you around and enjoy the game, but if you wanted that one powerful character with the cool voice then you usually had to buy into the game more. As long as you have a good mind for the game and don’t mind waiting a bit this is a great system for people who prefer to spend the price of a normal game and not hundreds of dollars for pixels. Usually you get tired of waiting and just spend the money though :wink:

Other games I’ve played have been much better about keeping people hooked and making sure they’re not so frustrated they quit. Can’t get a penny from someone who quits altogether but as long as they log in for those gems everyday or week and see the cool new stuff that’s added there’s still a chance.


There are free gem video adds, 30 secs earn 10 gems. Daily quests that reward 5-10 gems for completing. And some characters, like the $2.99 “SPARKLE PONY” that I HAD to buy, cause it made me lol, whose ability will generate 1 or 2 gems each time it gets fired off.

And finally, every game ends and gives you a pittance 1 or 2, that gets multiplied based on some factor that I still havent quite figured out, but I suspect it wont ever get too crazy.

tl;dr- YES. :man_facepalming:


We already have this in GoW - it’s called tribute. :man_shrugging:

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If you actually read the OP instead of trying to sound cute in a snarky reply you’d realise that it mentions login bonus which we also have, not sure what the point of your post was at all. Do you need help breaking it down further? Was it too complex for you? :cry:


wow,its so cute. :star_struck:


It wasn’t intended as cute or snarky, but if I need to break it down for you, I shall.

As noted by the OP, TinyQuest is a much simpler game. It only has two currencies: Keys and Gems, which are equivalent in “premium status” since they are exchangeable in the late game. So as a login bonus or any reward, the devs have very few choices. I’d argue TQ doesn’t have a “premium currency” - it certainly doesn’t have a currency where earnings are time-locked.

In GoW, I have lost count of how many currencies we have. One (or more for VIPs) currencies are provided as a daily login bonus, and several more (including gems) are provided as a bonus for logging in each hour (tribute). GoW has several currencies where earnings are (for the most part) time-locked.

So on top of the fact that gems are awarded as one type of login bonus in GoW already, I feel the comparison to TinyQuest is a false one since gems are not a premium currency in that game.

All that said, TinyQuest is an excellent and fun game (albeit shallower than GoW) that everyone should try.

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There’s no need for that insulting and mocking tone. Whether someone was wrong, or you just misunderstood, the forum doesn’t need people whose default writing style is to put others down.