Morals and ramblings

I am struggling to play GoW.

I always pay for F2P games. A few months ago I stopped because of the lycan bugs. The devs compensated me for my losses though.

Now with the Arachnean Weaver issue where people are not being refunded, I am losing interest. I keep opening GoW, then immediately closing it.

It is weird. I enjoy the game. I just have a tough time supporting the company. Every time I play I feel like I am saying it is OK to steal from people.

Then I feel more weird because playing a game shouldn’t make me question my own morals.

I don’t know what the point of this post is. Am I quitting? That’s dramatic. Am I shaming the devs? Yes. Am I curious if others are struggling too? Yeah. Am I just rambling? Definitely.

I am so tired. Why can’t the devs agree stealing is bad?


Hard for you coz you are a GM. You need updates.


I definitely felt like this for a bit and was turned off after logging in. Kind of settled into doing the basics just to keep some relevance in the game and keep going with the group activity. Still mulling things over, aiming to wind down.

I guess not having had any further responses makes it feel unresolved? Despite there having been a ‘final response’, at least with regards to the information available to the support team.


Oh I’ve been struggling for months. Log in, clear dailies. I suppose clear enough world event that I don’t look stupid, if its the end of the week. But I have no serious interest and definitely no patience for literally anything going wrong. Get one-turned by Goblins? Out. Don’t need to play today.

Combination of not being interested in the game and not wanting much to do with whoever or whatever is responsible for all of these icky developer choices. Oh and not having as much time in my life is a factor too I guess, but if it wasn’t I would certainly be finding other games to play instead at this point. One could say that the only reason I haven’t dropped this is that its easier to continue playing it than it is to get into something new, but … if I no longer want to, I’m not going to.


I’ve declined in activity the last few months for my own reasons. To your point, though, it’s really a gambit. The f2p genre as a whole is a casino. They’re games for the players, yes, but moreso a game of how much money can be pulled from players. You’re never going to find a perfect company who is morally flawless and whose every decision you agree with. Don’t hear me saying that you shouldn’t voice your opinions and vote with your wallet and all that - you should - but at the end of the day, remember that what gaming should be about it having fun and enjoying the experience. Don’t expect perfection or moral uprightness from any company, especially in this genre, but if there’s something that’s keeping you from enjoying the game, then it’s not a game anymore. It’s a chore.

Quit if you want to, or take a break, or put it down until you feel like playing again. There’s no need for the big, dramatic exit speeches we see so often. If you want to play, play! But don’t force yourself.

FOMO is the genre’s greatest weapon (well, that and preying on the addiction centers in our brains). Personally, while I aim for a complete collection, I’ve never gotten there and will certainly never be anywhere close to 100%ing this game. I’m okay with that. I play some days, I don’t other days. It’s about fun, my friend. Play what and when you want. Don’t expect perfection from a company, but don’t force yourself to deal with things that make a game un-fun for you.


The players requested a moral fair solution to AW debacle. We got its ‘working as intended,’ and an unfair soulforge ‘solution’. There is only Gancha spin here. So while we still continue to play; everyone; please end each of your post with a reminder of their duplicitous depths. ADD: weavergate

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This was the bit of wisdom that helped me transition from promoting this game as an oasis among f2p games, to warning users about this company: once you lower your expectations and realize that they are the ones who will have to live with their morally questionable (and often outright demonstrably deceitful) practices, it frees you from the burdens of being disappointed.

Sure, there are guildies that count on us et al, but that can be managed with a minimal time investment, and there’s nothing wrong with stepping down as a GM when we are semi-retired.

Personally, I find it’s somewhat like a break-up once you realize the abusive partner is never going to change: it’s disheartening at first to realize that much of it was an illusion, but in time we look back and ‘good riddance’ keeps us from being blue.
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My plan is to just do the basic minimums until I finish off these last 2 delves. That will give me a sense of completion and I can easily quit after that. All troops mythic, all delves done, all kingdoms 15.

We all know what’s coming next year, more FOMO, more subs on top of the current one, more monetization, more more more.


Yeah that’s effectively where I am as well. And I’ve been saying so for months now, so if they had any sense they’d be ramping out some new content that looked like delves / factions and wasn’t totally full of crap. Guess we’ll see what happens in a few months, huh.

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Same as everyone that’s responded. While I’m curious about what’s next (i.e. 6.0 update), I’ve gone from optimistic, to cautiously optimistic, to neutrally curious. Original GAP was amazing on release and gave me new interest in the game. Initial GAP nerf was still fun. Current GAP, is still great but oddly unsatisfying after experiencing the previous incarnations. And that’s how I feel with the direction GoW has been going for a while. Something fun and shiny and amazing, slightly tarnished by a change or bug, and then further smeared with bad communication and more bugs. In short, it feels like the fun and enjoyable aspect is diametrically opposed to the companies goals and direction. You’d think that a game that people want to play will also be one that they want to spend and this more profitable.

It makes me think of a game I recently picked up after a 2-year hiatus: Clash of Clans. I’m not saying that game is perfect by any means. Yet I was playing one day when I got an in-game notification of a bug fix for a bug that had been found that same day after the latest update. Then a fellow player encountered an annoying bug/feature and reached out to support. Reply received the same day resolving the issue.

I feel that 90% of the growing vitriol (always wanted to use that word) stems from the opaqueness of the company and communication. Right now, it feels like we’re in a vicious cycle:

  • A question is asked ahead of time, requesting clarification on a specific issue or warning of a possible impending problem
  • No communication until said situation happens, inevitably leading to issues
  • Outrage at issues due to lack of information
  • Defensive double-talk response or, in rare cases, admission of guilt and compensation

Everyone is so focused on the 3rd and 4th points, “Forums are toxic,” but with greater communication, most of these issues and toxicity would not be.


Remember how there used to be a button ‘Submit a Ticket’ in the game? 5.0 removed that button.
Have you noticed how they’ve been handling compensations since 5.0? People get told to

:drum: drumroll :drum:
‘submit a ticket’

and they’ll send you your compensation!

What kind of business takes your money, does not give you what you paid for and when asked about it tells you that… ‘well, if you submit a ticket and really, really insist, then maybe, just maybe, we could be bothered to send you what you’ve already paid for’ ?

What kind of Sicilian Mafia BS scheme is this that you have to put in a ticket and insist on getting what you paid for? Any legit operation would go through their logs and issue blanket compensations to those affected.


Deliberate denial of resources that everyone needs is what is turning me off. Pretty soon all players will be at the same level because we are all stuck waiting for imperial deeds still (I still haven’t had a single offer yet, despite the supposed upgrade). Why would I continue to invest time and money in the game if it doesn’t progress my position in anyway? I’ve stopped spending because there is nothing worth buying. The game seems totally incapable of offering me the resources i need so i never have the need to purchase anything.

i don’t mind more monetization and fomo if they treat us good, but not admitting a mistake/miscommunication… err… idk…

i still do appreciate the Gnome a Palooza system, it’s a good way for F2P to catch up with the vault legendaries.

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There’s been times I’ve taken 1-2 weeks off or drastically reduced my play time so I don’t burn out. There are aspects of this game that keep me playing and others I don’t bother with (arena, chasing gnomes and verses for gap’s, and Tuesday factions if I don’t like the faction). As for the mythic cards, I’ve accepted I’ll never get all of them. So, I don’t worry about how long it takes to get 4000 diamonds.

When I get the 4000 diamonds, I’ll spend them when there’s a mythic I can see myself using for my play style and/or if it’s a mythic I consistently see GW teams built around.

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I was persuaded to start playing by an online friend in another game I’ve played for over 15 years. I do donate every month there to help support it, but they just have one thing to buy, and Item of the Month, buy as many or as few as you want for $10 each. Each character account can only activate one, and if you buy extras, you can trade them, send them to other players as a gift, sell them in the Mall, or closet them until they go up in game currency value after they’re no longer available. Period. GoW bombards you constantly with buy buy buy buy and buy. Big money too!
Luckily I joined a guild within a few days of joining because I was so lost on how to play, and luckily it’s a very casual relaxed guild, no pressure.
Then came a major (to me) problem. I have an 8" 2018 Kindle Fire, and a few months ago I bought the 10" 2021 newest edition Kindle Fire. I also have a 17" HP Pavilion laptop, my main gaming choice, but I also wanted to play on the 10" Kindle. I was able to play GoW on the 10" Kindle until the update. Now absolutely nothing will enable me to get the new version of GoW on the 10" Kindle. I can still play on the 8" Kindle for now, but I wanted to retire that and just use the new 10" Kindle for portable gaming, reading, audiobooks, internet, etc. The devs have tried to help, multiple suggestions and emails back and forth, but nothing works. I also contacted Amazon about the problem, but they couldn’t resolve it either.
So I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be playing GoW either because of the constant “pay money for this, pay money for that” and the new version or update or whatever which no longer works on my portable device of choice. For now, I just think of it as something to relax with, not get serious about. JMHO.

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