Returning the "bug apology"?

Thank you for the “bug apology” I just received by mail. I’m afraid I can’t properly appreciate it, even after staring at it for a very long time. Is there any way to return it instead of accepting it, so it could possibly used to help fund a more proper compensation for those that got banned over Christmas? One that covers a bit more than a fraction of the damage done? I’m sure my contribution will make little difference, but maybe some of your other 7 million players will also jump in by not collecting their apology mail.


Yeah, what an absolute insult to everyone who plays GoW, not only those banned but their guilds that lost event points etc who had to buy more tiers to get rewards.

Ive honestly seen more compemsation for bugs that people really werent even aware of.

This is such a slap in the face… 50 gems??? For so many people losing access to the game for how many days and over Christmas too, they literally ruined players holidays… wow, unbelievable honestly.


In my other game they had a bug that didn’t even make the game unplayable - just harder.

We got a 2-day booster for gas (the game energy) and XP (which over there is needed to upgrade most things).

They sell that stuff usually.

This over here is a slap, an insult…


Yeah my first reaction was laughing out loud that was their compensation. I had multiple guild members banned and bought multiple extra teirs in the guild event to get it finished and make up for the missing sigils the banned players would have used. Told my guild that im not even going to claim them, they can keep their gems. Absolute insult.


I’ll take them. Journey achievement isn’t done yet. :wink:

But I agree. It’s an absolute insult to everyone. To those that have been banned and to those that had to compensate. 50 gems you can get in 1 hour (with 2 tributes) easily. We’ve been banned for 2-3 DAYS! Even with the additional 200 gems for banned players a few days ago it’s still not remotely close to what it should be … :confounded:

Oh, wasn’t the free gift on Sunday 50 gems?! We missed them, so I guess this was a compensation for those gems and there’s still a real apology/compensation coming?!


This right here, this right here folks. :laughing::rofl::+1:


That’s not a bug. They decided the “compensation” 8 days ago and let us discuss and ask and beg and generally hanging for a week. And they made sure we knowt.


Yeah, I can’t believe they didn’t even restore our “Christmas gift” that we missed out on. lol

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I’m not sure I can wait 384 days with annoying green screamer


I noticed that to. Shame shame!