Commit to Stop Spending

I know there was a thread like this a while ago, but I couldn’t find it, and honestly with the way things have been lately, this deserves a new thread.

While forum users are a very small part of the overall GoW community, we also have a good amount of big spenders here, as spenders tend to be very involved with the game community. I encourage everyone to make a commitment in this thread to stop spending a cent on this game until things begin to improve. Things have been going downhill for a looooong time, but lately things have taken a sharp turn for the worse. The Weavergate incident, threads being totally ignored for weeks, major bugs every single update, unfixed bugs for absolute ages, failure to fix simple problems like forum posts and scoring, etc etc etc.

Join me in putting our money where our mouth is; that’s clearly the only way to get our voices heard.


That was my take at this sentiment, which I have yet to see any reason to modify. I’m with you 100%.


Do you also have the feeling that this is what the devs might be wanting too? Just a weird thought.


Wanting players to stop spending? Absolutely not :sweat_smile:


Currently I am a free player and have been since I joined the game in March. There have been constant bugs the entire time I have played and it is the only reason I have refused to pay a dime. I get their might be a transition period with mergers or buyouts but this feels to me like they have been gutted to the point of insanity. If a game cannot function then you will lose player base and funding and people will stop recommending it to friends and instead recommend against it. I worked for a company once that refused to spend profits back into itself because of bad management and a competitor quickly outpaced them even though they had started as a much smaller company it had quality and within 3 short years there was nothing left. This situation very much gives me these vibes. You can maximize profits and earnings to the point where you cannibalize your company right out of any profits then there will be no chance for turn around because you won’t even have the profits needed to stay afloat let alone make content or keep servers running. I have vowed that as soon as we have 3 stable months I will become a paying customer but until then I am not even sure that I am not wasting my time for a soon to be dead game.


When campaigns started up, I was excited and told my guildmates ‘I want to support new content!’ Should have clarified that I meant good new content, not buggy/lazy content. I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore player, but have bought the campaign pass in all but the lycanthropy campaign and the current one. While I don’t really care about the Weaver thing (though do believe communication could be improved), other bugs (Hawthorne and incomplete Campaign) are troubling. Why would I pay for a campaign pass when I might not even get the mythic due to bugs? If I do get it, I think I’m going to wait until the last week to decide, just in case.

The kingdom passes to me are meh. It feels like enforced grinding, and the anxiety I feel, when I have busy work days and have to miss out, feels bad, even if there is a good deal of leeway. Due to the nature of weekly events, it also feels like we’re mildly punished for not getting it, as opposed to getting extra rewards on top. It’d be kinder if they waited 1 week before requiring all kingdom troops on an event, but probably not wallet-opening.

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Its unfortunately been sloping since after medals were added. Before then, new updates got us excited! Since then, updates are usually concerning, as they’re a wreck.

They love that anxiety! It’s FOMO, it’s the foundation that f2p games can build an addiction from. I absolutely can’t recommend spending money on this game and supporting the team, who cares less and less every passing day about the game and the community.


I still buy the campaign pass for $10 and I bought the kingdom pass for $8. They seemed like reasonable amounts to spend. I wouldn’t recommend spending on anything else.

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I do respect the movement. But the 97 % of players is not on these boards. I doubt the devs would care much about the 3 % coming here and say they will stop spending - when there is a 97 % on the other side.

They will have a laugh at your post - I am afraid…

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I’d even go a step beyond this. The impact of such a “I’m not spending another dollar on this game” message will get watered down if the players doing so continue to play, anyhow. Yes, it’s probably important to the corporate bosses that money gets spent on GoW. But it’s probably also important to them that players are playing GoW and not a competitor, that players are not playing those competitors and spending money on those competitors.

Getting raised up by vacuuming up cash from the player base is the preference. But they’ll probably settle for that cash not going to a rival if they can’t get it themselves.

I definitely agree. I do think there may be some “whales” on here - as I said, I think whales tend to be more involved with the game and community compared to f2p players.

At the end of the day though, you’re correct and this post won’t make a difference. I desperately wish there was some other way we could reach the devs (another f2p mobile game I play has weekly responses from the devs regarding top feedback - I laugh at how unimaginable that is for this game). There isn’t, though, so people on these forums get petty and toxic in hopes of reaching an ear. While I hope I’m neither of those things, I admit threads like this may be a bit petty.

Unfortunately, it’s all I can think of to get the game I have loved for so long back to previous heights. It’s a bug-fest left out in the trash and ignored right now. It’s really sad, and I really hope this game doesn’t die.


I will continue to take the kingdom/campaign because I like this game and I play it often. I think it is a good deal for all the hours that I played compared to AAA games where you pay 60$ for 30-60 hours (maybe).

Has the game bugs? Yeah but it was always the case, nothing news.
But now every bugs get a new drama on this forum because that’s the standard, sadly.

If that bugs are killing my fun? No, so I don’t really care about them.


That’s totally your right! In the end, people should feel free to pay for what they enjoy. I wouldn’t recommend paying to someone who’s on the fence about it, and I personally think the staff of this company is doing a horrendous job of satisfying players and communicating. Shaming people for spending on a game they like is not my intention at all - drawing attention to the awful practices is.


It’s never coming back. That’s just reality. A bigger company bought a smaller company. That means a lot of different things. But the biggest thing it means is that GoW is not as important to the people offering it to us, as it used to be.


Bad Review on Google Play or the equivalent on other platforms.

I gave this game 1 out of 5 Stars this week with explanation plus I am not spending money anymore on this game. I don’t care that I have to wait to get certain troops, there are PLENTY of other troops, even amazing troops.
I can not and will not support this game as it has become - devs and investors are laughing all the way to be bank as it is now.


Maybe the game is coming to the end of its life span, hence the obvious negligence :thinking:


I don’t think the game’s coming to an end. GoW constitutes 90% of DigitalBro’s F2P revenue. There’s just no reason to improve the product as long as people keep paying them irrespective of the game’s quality.

There’s a bit of silver lining on the horizon. GoW’s revenue has decreased for the first time in years (-19%).

If we’re lucky and revenues keep tanking, they might feel incentivised to start improving their dogshit code. Maybe they’ll even start sprinkling some fun back into this lifeless husk of a former game which has deteriorated to a vehicle for predatory monetisation schemes run by the Mafia :hugs:


You seem to know the numbers, I’ve been wondering for a long time how much money does a game like this make in a year, I have no clue… for example last year, do you know any numbers, or is that not a puplic information? :thinking:

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You can read their financial statements here:


Watch them try and scrub this comment :stuck_out_tongue: lol