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Shady or Not To Be

Hypothetically there are 2 guilds right? 1 guild has a recruitment thread and guild 2 poaches a player from said thread. The player left a message saying he’d like to join on said guild number 1’s thread, and guild number 2 starts messaging the player. Shady or Not? Is this a part of the forums? Let me know your thoughts about whether this should be acceptable on the forums or not. Also @Sirrian @Nimhain is this okay to do? I don’t want to get this thread closed down either. Just trying to have a talk about it.

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Shady, yes. Against the rules? I doubt it. Send a private message to the player who was sniped explaining what happened. If they really want to be in your guild, they’ll drop the poachers like a hot rock. If not, they probably don’t care who wants them, in which case you’re better off without them.


Yeah kind of my thoughts. I’m glad the player found a guild regardless, but makes you lose respect for said guild #2.
Also I am one of those people that like to think we can keep guild recruitment respectful. If someone wants to join your guild, don’t try to poach them people. No matter how bad you need players.


Just what Lyya said, it’s not against the rules but it’s just a thing that works against the reputation of the poachers…

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Poor form, but not against any rules.

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I just wrote him a message where I asked him if he wants to join us. Didnt use your code or anything. ^^

No one needs to know who is involved. We’re just having a conversation here.

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I think it is cheesy, but probably not against any rules. Whether the invite code was posted or not, someone can recruit players by PM’ing in the forums. I was recruited into my current guild this way (but not from another guild’s recruiting thread) - I just struck up a relationship with someone on the forum who turned out to be a guild leader and that person picked up on the fact that I wasn’t happy where I was at and offered me an alternative.

In any case, if I were a guild leader, I wouldn’t be trolling other guilds’ recruiting threads looking for potential recruits. I’m sure there is a bit of poaching going on among the top guilds though.


So why are your members doing it? Just look at the polish recruitemen thread

NOT my members sir, you are mistaken.

pushed it up for you

I have gone to people’s recruitment threads to get members for my guild but never to the point of sniping. It was like a “hey if you do not get in, my guild is here for you”

There is one infamous guild leader that routinely poaches recruits. That’s exactly why I ask recruits to PM me or the GM for an invite. It lessens the chance of a recruit being poached.


Actually a great idea. I will start doing this from now on.

Yeah I just think this is a bad idea. At some point if the guild needs players they are going to respond to the person in question. I see where you are coming from, but if that person replied to that thread saying they want to be in that guild, then never poach. A lot of people are new players on these threads so they are very easy manipulated for lack of a better word. If they reply to a guild saying they want to be in that guild, and another guild messages them saying hey we have cake over here, of course they are going to go. It’s a bad look imo.

Sadly my guild is like cake, no requirements except to battle once every x days and is getting close to the top 500. Most of the time the people trying to join the guild are not messaged or given notice about the recruitment. Then again i think the last time i did any poaching was over a year ago.

We had a member 2 days ago that decided to leave the game. The next day he had a change of heart and decided to come back to MM. He came to our recruitment page asking if he could come back to us. After I sent him the invite he said that there was another invite from another top guild (which I will not name). I would never send an invite like that to a member from another guilds recruitment thread.


I’m a hype recruiter, and I wouldn’t do that. It’s just bad form all the way.


Yeah its the nature of the beast unfortunately. How do you think the best guild on console is so successful? That guild poached all the most active players from all the top guilds.

Let’s refrain from calling anyone or any guild out in particular. We’re not here for that. :slight_smile: