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Left my old "lazy" guild, Found a new home

Started playing about 40 days ago. All kingsdoms lvl 10 and questline is done. Lvl 681 atm and still climbing.

Not interested in a guild where the only requirement is being active. Looking for an active guild where seals and gw are a requirement and not just an option.

If anyone is interested in having me in there guild please contact me.

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Little word of advice. When looking for a guild it’s best not to come across as both rude and ignorant. It will make others less likely to invite you to their guild.

However, I wish you luck in finding a guild.

What was rude or ignorant?

I’ll PM you. No need to derail your thread :+1:

Excuse me my dutch bluntness, was not meant rude at all.

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It wasn’t rude unless the person reading it is overly sensitive. I understand what you are asking and see it asked in the same way often. If I had room I’d take you no problem unfortunately at this time I have a couple on my wait list already for my next few open spots. That said if you want to be #3 on my wait list let me know we can have a future home for at TAG or an immediate home for you our sister Guild TAG 2 (which doesn’t have requirements at the moment however so it may be to casual for what you are looking for from what I’m reading in your thread). Either way good luck to you.

Thank you for your message. For the moment i joined Silver Storm. So far it feels good. Nice chatty bunch ( i need a chatty guild ), active and reasonable competitive so for now i am good.

A no requirement guild is really not for me i learned. That will have me leave the game out of boredom. Also a none chatty guild is not for me for almost the same reason. A none chatty guild will have me go to global 1 and that will defo get me into trouble :smiley: