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Down the rabbit hole is recruiting 500k gold 1500 seals and guild wars were rank 250

were looking for new members were an easy bunch of friends that started a guild. Were currently ranked 264 and were climbing. Our requirements are 500k gold and 1500 seals weekly and must play guild wars and have all kingdoms at level 10 or close to it. if u have any questions contact jujubean323 or shizinby. Thanks

You should specify whether this is PC/mobile, Xbox, or PS4. Also select a subforum under the title of this thread.

It’s in the PS4 Recruitment area I think that is self explanatory :thinking:

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Ugghhh, @Saltypatra please make me a mod so I can delete my posts after people do what I ask, do I don’t have to deal with this kind of guff from other users.

@Grundulum no “guff” here, I did of course not know that this post had been moved. I was just pointing out that I thought it was in the correct forum (which from your post was not the case originally). My apologies no slight was intended.


Oh, I assumed you were being facetious, and responded in kind. No worries about guff. (And this is now four posts in this recruitment thread a mod should remove!)

Were very frendly guild and enjoy people who are kind and conciderate of other peoples fellings all we ask is to do the guild requirements

We have three spots open come and join