Looking for active guild LVL 86

Hey everyone, your boy is back! I’ve still been playing GoW as much as I can, and now that my PS4 is working again and my internet is behaving I might even be able to stream it again.

However, I just left the guild I was in because they just weren’t active, something like 800+ on the list?

Now I’m not looking for the best guild, just one where everyone is donating to the tasks and redeeming their seals, just as I did before leaving my old guild, as getting better cards is awesome.

I’m not the biggest in PvP. but that’s only because my best deck isn’t fully traited or ascended, so I tend to lose a lot due to that. Not sure if losing hurts the guild, but I am very active: I play every day, for minimum an hour, and I tend to hit a level every night or so.

Would just make it a lot easier to play, thanks!

Hello ForsakenM

You can join Robin Puds Merry Men if you like, we are currently ranked 121, with 20 active members.

Just post your invite code or message it to me, PSN MadMartin70.


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Looking for active members in A GUILD if still looking :slight_smile:

Dont be an ape and resurect 1 month and older topics.
You can always contact people through a private msg without spaming everyones forum.

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I do believe the forum is here for people to talk to each other

But not to resurect 2 months old posts that have been long resolved. Do you think that topic creator is still searching for a guild after 2 months?
If you really wanted to approach him/her you could simply send a msg. Resurecting topics like this is stupid.

Are you a mod? Or just nothing better to do that troll people’s replies? If it’s against the rules of this forum to reply after a certain time surely the older posts would be removed

Spaming is against the rules. And thats what you were doing.

Actually I would say that’s what you are doing