Looking for a Active guild to join - level 58

Hi I am level 58. I earn at least 1500 seals a week, 50,000+ gold, 150+ trophies a week. I play almost every day. I am still very new to the game. I am in a pretty good guild with about half the members really being active. The leader of the guild is great and answers all of my questions. I just wish a few more members were actively participating a little more.

I am willing to try another guild, but I would like one that is not too serious, but has more than half of the guild being active members. Any suggestions?


Finding a guild is about equal in difficulty in guilds finding members.

Maybe try and ask around using specific questions?

For example:
☆how many members are in the guild? -> how many of that number are active?
☆what are the average weekly contribution numbers overall?
☆what is the process for being kicked?


I know you said you are looking for a guild that isn’t too stern or uptight on guild members, and these questions may seem like you are searching for the opposite, but just know that some guilds will actually appreciate your questioning that way both parties can know faster if it seems like a right fit to try rather then just being tossed in somewhere and gambling on what’s going on.

Facebook, reddit, and the PS4 community pages have a list of guilds on it along with people who are willing to recommend other guilds they have met.

You will run into some people who may seem rude and put you down, but for every rude person I have met 4 nice ones. :heart:

I hope that helps and if you want to talk more feel free to message me on PS4 at InfernoOfLilith

Thank you kindly,