I think I'm done with my Guild

I’ve been feeling, for the past month or so, that I’m “too good” for my Guild. That may sound egotistical at first, but here are a few facts;

My Guild is top 100 (#82 at last check) and full most of the time, yet only about 10 members are real contributors.

My leader logs on about twice a week and relies on me to tell him who to kick because he’s so out of the loop. Even then, we might have inactive members for up to 2 weeks because the system doesn’t keep accurate “Last Login Date” numbers.

My Trophy and Gold numbers far outweigh everyone else. I have 2,118 Trophies, next highest is 981 (Guild total is around 9,500) and I contributed 2,339,939 Gold, next highest is 499,533.

What’s been keeping me from changing mostly is the fact that my PS4 thought my username was a password and it’s displayed as ***********, so how does that effect my invite code? This Guild was the first one I joined and I feel it’s only as good as it is because of me and about 2 other “major players”. I’d rather join a Guild that contributes, and has more strong players.

guild is number 7 and can use a few more active people.

my name used to be *s you probably have a code thats *******_14 or some crap.

Is there a way to check my code without being Guild-less?

nope there isn’t.

Well I just checked and your Guild is currently full. Are you the leader?

yea I can make room I think i still have an alt account in there.

Well then I will leave my Guild and send you my invite code through PM at your approval of my formal request to join.

sure sounds good I kicked my low level account out.

Sent, and thank you for having me join :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m in!

Well, that was fast. Yay for you.

Well I know it was a kind of hollow sentiment but thanks anyways!

Not regretting my decision at all. We cycle Tasks like crazy. My old Guild was lucky to do 2-3 a day.

Tbh I would have left way sooner… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I should have, but I’m loyal, even if it’s not for my own good. My own damn fault for all the resources I missed out on.