Knights of None recruting ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Recruting for a new guild all levels welcome. I am seeking players who will participate in weekly guild wars and contribute to team goals and task. Periods of inactivity with no reason provided will lead to getting kicked (others will be reviewed case by case). I think leadership is and action not a position, so I will work with you to help the guild be the best that it can be. If possible I would like to help new players avoid some of the lumps I collected early on. I am open to welcoming vets of GoW to the fold and learning from you also. I aspire to keep this guild friendly as we go forward, do great things, and move up in the rankings. I look forward to working with others who enjoy the game as much as I do. Hope to hear from you soon


Still looking for you! Come be the catalyst to take us to the next level!

Please send your invite code so you can be added! :grin:

You can find you settings screen by pressing the options button during a match. Your invite code is at the bottom of that screen

It also dawned on me that you may want to know about contribution requirements. I am asking that you contribute $30,000 gold/wk, participate in at least 2 guild wars matches weekly, contribute 10 trophies, and meet the weekly individual seals goal. This is the minimum, If you want to do more it is welcome.

If your looking at this thread, your looking for a guild. Go ahead and give us a try!

If you have any questions please submit a reply so I can answer them for you!

Please invite me. Code is DA PICKLE_DVPB

Just sent the invite. Welcome to the guild.

i just recieved a message that you are in another guild. You would need to leave before I could invite you.

Ok I’m interested
Level 191


Just tried to send you invite on PS4. I am getting message that you don’t exist.

known bug, please try inside brackets or extra space at the end. Thanks


Tried inside brackets and with extra space (along with other combos). Still recieved the same message on PS4. Is there a way to add you through this website?

Let me try this from another angle, What should someone do when trying to build a guild? I’m not necessarily looking to be #1 in the rankings, just find other cool people to play the game with. I have had a few responses here in the forum and none in the PS4 chat when I am playing the game. Any suggestions? . . . or is everyone waiting on a spot to open up in a top 50 guild? All sincere input is welcome. Also I haven’t been in the forum long and I will be going in and out over the weekend. But I will respond.

Just stick with it

Try to work with a higher level guild. It’s hard getting going these days, the game has been available for a long time now. I have folks looking for lower level guilds and nowhere to send them.

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Cool, you can send them my direction. I am willing to work with you.


I’ve asked a couple of ex members to give you a shout.

I’ll do my best to help you grow.

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Thank you so much!

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hi im new at the game, im level 75, im in other guild but i would like to change bbecause its not very active. how do i resign my actual guild?
my code is: GATITO_AGZS