Knights of None recruting ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

I believe you will find that option on your guild page under admin options, off to the side it should give you the option to leave your present guild by pressing triangle.

Thanks for all who have looked at this post. Still looking for members. I’ll be honest I have 21 spots to fill. I would like to fill at least 15 of the 21 reguardless of your level. Maybe your new and you just want a shot. Maybe your a seasoned vet and you miss the thrill of building an emerging guild. I’m looking at everything between those two end points, just looking for those that want to have a good time. But I do have to be honest, I need you to join for me to keep the guild going. . . .:thinking:

Have you bailed to join another guild?

Not yet. I am considering it though. Depends on if I add anyone in the next few days. Otherwise I’m like the Highlander McCloud out here fighting other immortals solo. As the villan quoted in the first Highlander film, “It’s better to burn out, than to fade away”


Still looking for new players?? FUN players :smiley:

yes, I was out of town. If you are looking I am interested.

No worries, RL comes first :stuck_out_tongue:

Still looking and curious on your requirements?

It also dawned on me that you may want to know about contribution requirements. I am asking that you contribute $30,000 gold/wk, participate in at least 2 guild wars matches weekly, contribute 10 trophies, and meet the weekly individual seals goal. This is the minimum, If you want to do more it is welcome

looking good, add me and I’ll give you my code.
PSN is same as username here

Not even a goodbye? :frowning:

Have fun in your new guild though, Scoob!

Not yet away so I’ll give a shoutout soon

Send u a PM

Are you working on maxing out your kingdoms? Are you less than level 100? Are you fairly experienced but miss the thrills of building a new guild? If you fit any of these areas, LEND ME YOUR TALENTS! Let us grow this guild together! Send a message to Kwantum_Knight on PSN requesting and invite. Please make sure you include your invite code.