Who thinks it's really difficult to find recruits?

The guild im in we been trying to search for weeks looking for new guild recruits anyone else having the same problem? We have us 3 and thats it and ranking at 380. What are your numbers and ranking

My Guild is full at the moment at 30 members and Rank 63 on the PS4.

When I joined six weeks ago we had 7 members and were Rank 218, Now we are at Champion status and get 2x Gold daily after the Daily bonus factors.

But to your original point, it’s hard to find quality members who contribute. I monitor who can contribute how much and if they actually do so. Greedy selfish players get the boot. We also instituted a minimum level of 40, to keep our numbers climbing.

We actually have a realistic shot at top 20 on the PS4.

Do you have any tips to get us more recruits talia

The main problem is that the requirements to make a guild is way too low. The only requirement is to have 1,000 gold (unless consoles are different). That allows literately anyone to make a guild. This floods the game with people needing 9+ members rather than people just joining already established guilds.


Consoles are the same it is only 1000 gold to make a guild it should have been make a guild with 5k or 100 diamonds less guilds more people in guilds,

A friend and I are the only two in our guild. He made it so I really do not know any of the logistics of it all. Would it be possible for the person that created the guild to close it and maybe we could combine?

Yeah, my suggestion a while back was to require level 50 to create a guild and raise it to 10,000 gold. It is nice that they let anyone make a guild, like a true f2p, but it messes up recruitment drastically.

New guilds can’t get members and people looking for guilds on things like this forum just go to the top 10% of the guilds.

Its difficult because very high ranked guilds is open, so new players can pick and wreck.

There is an Invite Code system.

I personally got stuck with a character name of *********** :frowning:

Whats your invite code macawi and you and your friend can join me and my buddies guild

My gt is bloody dearh669 add me all you can as well maybe to play some other game as well

Many reaons. One is contribution to the lack of Xbox One players is because the game is not advertised in any form on the Xbox Store. When you view free games, Gems of War isn’t on the first page. You have to take time and expand your search to all games for it to show up. In my case, I wouldn’t have known this game existed if I had not specifically went to the 2nd page of free games. 2nd: PC and console are disappointingly far apart. As much as the devs say they are working on getting console the updates, I don’t believe it. They released this game on console just to let it die out. 3rd: The console version isn’t interesting for more than a few days. I’m level 112 atm and the only thing for me to do is grind PvP for trophies. Not many people who download the free Xbox games are hardcore players. Plus with the ridiculous update that made all quest enemies level 15 for even new players, the console version doesn’t have much to offer besides grinding and frustration. Also what the others said about there being an over abundant amount of guilds is very true. Everyone wants to join a top guild but few will put in the effort to get the required amount of weekly trophies and gold donations. So they join them then pointlessly fill that spot for a week that a better suited person could have gotten.

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my thoughts exactly… this game leaves no space for sentiments

Console is alot different like you said . Consoles dont have trait stones and everything is harder to get i been playing console longer than mobile and on my phone and tablet i have multiple legendary cards but on console i only got 1. Maps on console are rarely available for me atleast for now. The one thing console has that mobile doesnt is tasks

Personally I haven’t found card getting that hard, seem to get at least a rare every couple of chests opened and legendarys are quite common with magic keys. All of which are relatively easy to get without spending a penny. I also agree with all the othe comments recruitment is hard because people don’t leave guilds and look for new ones because there’s not a great incentive to do so.

I search members from 25 days. The first day My guild was 3000 rank. it’s normal that anybody come. But now we are 246 world rank and nobody come and it’s the same for guild who are not in the top 100. Good luck. I keep hope