Recruitment - Closed

Please close this recruit thread I’m going to try this again

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You might want to specify whether you have any specific requirements for activty (aside from age), such as weekly minimums for trophies, seals or gold donations, whether or not you participate in Guild Wars, and specifically what kind of benefits you offer (what rank your statues are at, how much daily gold bonus, etc.) Anything you can do to zero in on the right players and attract the ones you want will be helpful. Best of luck!


Thanks Stan appreciate the response I’ll update the original post with additional information.

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I’d probably go with “mature” instead of “adult”…

I know, I know… my brain works funny that way… but when I saw the title, I immediately started wondering what the hell was going on in your guild chat :wink:

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Still looking for active players send me your invite codes or message me here on the forums and I’ll invite you. Since I posted this a few days ago we’ve moved to Champion Level 1 and are working our way up to the 7500 trophies we’ll need for level 2 (so far we are doing about 200-300 a day). Current rank is 1,682 but that is going up by the hour :wink:

Looking to do team synergy achievement with strong clan. Only trophy missing. I’m a daily player Psn: taguroizumo

Invite code: FCKOFFF_9VU2

We are probably a little ways off getting that achievement in the immediate future but we’ll certainly attain it once we get rolling again. With your help we’ll get it that much sooner. Invite sent and welcome to the guild :slight_smile: