Looking for a permanent top-notch guild

I have averaged 200+ trophies and 80k a week the last 3 weeks. I may or may not keep up that output, but I play a whole lot and have already invested in the game. I am looking for a really good eatablished guild for a permanent home. I hate leaving my guild, but better now than later. You can message me, IntelligentDesir on PSN.

You’re welcome to join Shinobi.

Gave your name to my guild leader. #2 guild currently.

@1TruKing That sounds excellent, I would love to join.

@Ruzin I appreciate the offer, but I want to join a guild near full and near the top. I play a heck of a lot, and have already spent a lot of money on the game. I am in it for the long haul and I wouldn’t feel comfortable joining if their trophies/members was less than around 200.

Sadly we have 3 recruits in the pipes and don’t show any openings right now. I did pass your name along so if something happens he will hit you up.

I run the rank 5 guild. I’ll probably have a spot open in about two days if you dont mind waiting.

Thanks for telling me about the queue. Looks like that may be the case with a lot of the guilds at the top.

@Pell I don’t mind waiting that long, I just want to find a permanent guild. If it is guaranteed, then could you hit up my PSN IntelligentDesir with details?

Oops! Just realized this was for PS4…

Well, if you switch to PC/Mobile, I got a spot for ya :smile:

AFAIK there is no 200 member guild.

Ok, but remember, the top guilds still started out somewhere. I’m struggling to find active members and I’m the one who seems to contribute the most gold at the moment so it’s a bit depressing when nobody wants to join because we’re ‘low’ - without members joining we’ll continue to be low I’m afraid.

I will say though, Shinobi has jumped up over 150 places in the last week or less. Which isn’t bad considering only a few members of it’s 10 actually are active PVP/Arena players.

Haha :slight_smile: Good to know. I plan on staying PS4 unless they just never fix the server issues with it. I haven’t played the arena really for a couple weeks because it is possible for a game you win to count as both losses too due to server problems.

I will keep you in mind, but I love my PS4 and I put a good amount of money in it, so I am going to give it time.

@Ruzin I meant that the number of trophies divided by members is about 200, not a 200 member guild. I started my own guild and pumped lots of gold and trophies in to it for more than a week with no other members before giving up, so I know how you feel.

The tasks after a certain level are made for a 30 member guild. Ideally an active one. Trophies are tied to ways to earn the most gold (PvP), so large guilds with high trophy ratios are richer than others.

I have a lot to offer so I want to be in as full-up and active a guild as possible. Just self-interest there, I want to get back as much for what I put in as possible.

I joined Misguided Misfits. I appreciate everyone’s consideration here.

Hey @pell - hope you and all at Tigerclaw are still doing well - grateful for my time with you - good times!