Level 225 and Growing Fast Looking for Solid Guild


I’m Rygar in GoW and psid is spyder9269. 200+ tropies per week, 1500 seals, 200k plus contributions (this should go up as i get my kingdom levelling completed). Looking for a guild consistently breaking 20k plus seals (40k would be best) and active in Guild Wars. Currently in a guild but they have yet to sign up for the Guild War and cannot hit the 20k seal mark with any consistency. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Were ranked 11 and I might be able to accommodate you. Interested?

Hi Rygar:)
Safe Word have a spot:)
We r a friendly guild rank 91 who help each other out:)
We do 20k every week:) ( aiming for 40k )
We do GW.
We use LINE to communicate.
Focus on your kingdoms donate what you can:)

Welcome to us if you r interested😎

If you’re not worried about Guild Wars risks im up for it, dont have any mythics yet but im sure i can field some solid teams. If you are eleven on the network though im concerned that i might get trounced by opponents in Guild Wars and hurt your chances, with that in mind if your open to me growing within the guild, which i will, id be pleased to join.

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Hi Rygar:) i will be happy to have you in the guild:)
Do you have LINE?
Whats your invite code?

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No worries, I’ll be in touch later. You’ll grow nicely and make your seals, that’s fine.

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Nemesis has a spot open, rank 15

Not sure what LINE is so i guess thats a no.

Its an chatapp very easy to use:) we use that to communicate and share ideas and pics:) Guildchat is horrible:((

But i saw now that it wasnt me you answerd earlier lol😉

sorry wrong platform

My bad, his ‘place’ was filled by someone else in the 5 hours or so between messages whilst I was out. Sorry, I’m partly to blame for that. I might have a slot next week.
Sorry for the balls up.

As much my bad as well took me a while to get back to you

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Send me the invite from your guild and ill get the app needed as well is it for ps4 or pc?

Hi Rygar:) whats your invite code is it only Rygar?
Its for mobile:)

We just use a psn group msg, works easy and no app required

RYGAR_G3Z7 is my invite code

I invite you Rygar

It says you doesnt exist:(

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That is bc he is on PS4 and I see your guild is on pc.


Yea i figured that out lol
Im in the wrong platform:( sorry😳

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