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Private chat with one guild mate

I can’t use discord so that’s not an answer. I need to communicate with one member but I want to do it so that none of the other members know what is said. If anyone has any ideas thanks in advance for your time.

Sounds pretty suspicious, tbh!! Sorry, that was rude and lazy of me. Ty for responding gracefully.

Post the message in guild chat, then once the guild member receives the message use Mind Eater (obtainable by spending chaos shards in Illithia) to wipe the memory of everyone else in the guild so they don’t remember seeing the message.

Now a lot of you might be thinking “hold on that doesn’t work.” Well it does work, you just don’t remember.


Not really I want to ask if he was willing to take on a bit of the guilmaster duties when I am not on as our time zones are night and day literally. I just don’t want to:

B: don’t want to have hurt feelings from the others

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If you use PS4 you can just use the PS4 msg system. I think Xbox live got that too. I would think pc has something like that but for everything else I’m not too sure.

Have him or her make a forums account. In the top right you’ll see an option to send messages.


The nice thing about awryan’s suggestion, too, is that you can keep the “favoritism” concern at bay this way, by just encouraging all of your members to join the forum and advocate your guild’s interests.


Great thought. Thanks


MIB flashy thingy.

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I hate it when my alt tries to private message me…“I don’t like you, bruh. That’s why I made you my alt, and not my main. Take the hint, and leave me alone”.

Things were a lot quieter when it was a one guild mate guild.


I bet you get special messages from the TV, too. :rofl:


You’re not an orc, but a two headed ogre!

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Like with most Ogre Magi, our guild chat frequently devolves into which of us possess the brain…

Me: “We have a brain now. I have it”

Alt: “No I do”

It has yet to be confirmed either of us do. As Curly said, ‘I try to think, but nothing happens’. (And my TV and I are not on speaking terms ever since I caught it conspiring with my toaster to burn my waffles. I hates technology).