Please stop trying to poach other guild members

Right, I’m pretty peed off.
I joined the forum at guild rank 70 and have now got to rank 12.
I’ve done this with hard work and by recruiting decent people who enjoy the game and being part of a team, almost like a family.
What I haven’t done is trawl the top 100 and sent messages out to players high in the rankings to try and persuade them to join a ‘better guild’.
Well maybe my definition of a better guild is different from yours. So Santa’s big gifts, shining force and misguided misfits can bloody get lost. Do your recruitment in the decent and honest way and if you can’t do that then leave it to the decent folks like clutch of lost winds (shame they started doing this since I originally wrote this), and gra from guild of gra along with myself from quimby to do it the way it should be.
Rant over
Now sod off.
Guild leader


Lol, ah so glad I’m no longer a guild leader.


Why do I have these links to one of the main offenders in the posts? I can’t even copy and paste the forum link without it adding in extra text!

I think the forum auto add these links because you mentioned the name of the Guild.
Edit after one day: I just missed the feature that can add links to posts, even posts you don’t own…

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Well I know for a fact I run my Guild the right way but there again we are new and don’t care about rankings just yet,so don’t forget it’s not just you high flyers doing things the right way us little guy’s are as well :smile:

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I deleted my first post to remove the link that was added to it, but here it is:

"This seems to be quite a recurrent topic as of late…
I don’t even remember what was the rank of my guild when i joined (PC/Mobile), something in the 2000ish i think, but we were always together all the way to top 50 during this whole year i’ve been playing the game.

I wish you and your guild the best and that you guys/girls keep the good and hard work, so at the right and deserved time you all can conquer a place into the Top 10."

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Don’t get me wrong, I DO understand the frustration, but…

What if said person in said guild wants MORE then what he is currently getting? What if said person wants to be in a “better” guild but hasn’t been given the option?

The highest end guilds have pretty crazy requirements, but in doing so they offer the best possible rewards in the fastest way possible.

Is it entirely unreasonable to give people that WANT to be in one of those guilds the opportunity? Even if they are in a different guild currently?

If said person is fully capable of meeting say double their current guilds requirements, and would like to join a guild that has other people doing the same, why is that wrong?

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The situations:

  • Someone leaving a guild for a better one is something.

  • People looking to refill an empty spots on their guild depends of various factors and usually this is done by promoting their own threads, but people tried in the past to poach or “steal” candidates from other guild’s threads before.

  • People trying to refill empty spots on their own guilds by “stalking” players on successful guilds is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, and that’s seems to be the case here.

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There’s a way to recruit and a way not to, simple as that. For the record, no one in our guild has expressed an interest in leaving for a higher ranked guild, but if they wanted to leave I’d hope it was not because they’d had their head swayed by one of the 11 guilds above us. It’s about morals. I’m one short myself but I’ll ask in my own thread, not people attached to guilds by spamming messages to players in the top 100. That’s just cheap.

  1. If someone leaves their guild for a “better” guild, that shouldn’t be a problem. Yes it sucks, but the person who left wanted something more then they were getting. I don’t see the issue here.

  2. I have seen this before and do not support it, don’t go into some other guild’s topic and try to recruit people to your own guild (unless they were denied for some reason). This is just bad sportsmanship.

  3. As far as “stalking” goes… Let’s assume we have 2 guilds, one is ranked 1 (Team Dragon) one is ranked 4 (Team Wyrven)…
    Now lets say someone in team Wyrven is MASSIVELY out playing everyone else in that guild. Let’s assume this is to the point where they are contributing a HUGE amount to that guild that is far above what others in team wyrven are averaging.

Is it wrong to give that one player in Team Wyrven the opportunity to join Team Dragon who has others players that are contributing similar amounts?

** Regarding what is right and wrong, I am not saying it’s the optimal way to do it. But if someone is loyal to a guild, they aren’t going to be swayed by “guild poachers.” On the other hand, if they simply want to be in a guild that contributes similar amounts to them, they would be glad for the opportunity.

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We don’t have two guilds, and most donate 250+, some upwards of 1,000,000 even 1.5 million
If they wanted to go elsewhere I’d know and understand, but this is about poaching and recruiting in underhand ways. Some folks obviously have different standard and morals to others. It’s just how it is, I get that.

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Well the thing is, asking all of the wyverns to join the dragons in the top 100, 7 to be exact is not just offering its stealing

I really don’t want to make enemies on this forum, I like virtually everyone on it, BUT…

I just used 2 guilds as an example nothing more.

If you were to take the top 10 guilds in the game, how many players in those guilds do you think visit the forums regularly? How many do you think are active on chat?

Sending a message to players in the top 100 is simply a way to get OTHER like minded players who share similar goals. If they are in a guild that is under producing compared to them, why would giving them an option to join (through a message) be underhanded and immoral? They can easily decline and if they do switch, than they were looking for another guild anyway.

Now sending them numerous messages is awful, one should be enough.

Why is it stealing? It’s still that players choice, if they switch to another guild they obviously want to join a guild that is capable of producing what they already are across the board.

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Well we were ranked 70 with less than 6 active players and I needed new blood. So what would any semi intelligent person do in this scenario? Yes, I joined the forum that is directly related to the game! It’s not anything clever or amazing is it? I’ve never done anything like the things I’m complaining about and we’ve hit 12th with around 146k trophies. Please don’t think I’m being rude, I just don’t believe that many of the top guild leaders or players aren’t on this very forum!

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I just am not sure if that is true. My fiance who USED to be in one of the top guilds on the mobile version NEVER visited the forum or chatted with ANYONE but her guild members.

She had no interest in the forum whatsoever unless I pointed out very specific topics to her.

Yet she was producing 500k-1mil every week and getting 1500 seals. She was loyal to the guild and never would have left, even given the option to go to a different one.
Eventually she got sick of the grind and joined a more relaxed guild but that is besides the point.

My main point is I believe it’s very possible that people who make the top 100 every day may not have set foot in the forum even once, or perhaps just glazed over it.

Sending a message directly to those players, gives those that WANT to be in a guild that potentially produces more an option to do so, and it’s much more simple then having to sift through topics on a forum.

I think it’s a low and greedy atitude if someone approachs a member of another guild for recruitment because they perform in numbers as much as the “poacher” wants. Maybe people will disagree and this doesn’t bother me at all.

If the best, and honest way, to promote your guild recruitment is doing that at your own thread, or using the Global Chat, then all the rest could be relatively “shady” at some extent.

I learned a long time ago that: “If you have a straight path to follow, where everyone can see you, then no ill word or rumor will take roots and lay thorns under your feet…”


Glad my name was not mentioned.Happy Days.


Dustin, no one is saying that players don’t have a right to move on if they want to, but for the top guilds to use their position to try to attract the top performers out of the next tier of guilds just feels cheesy. I know there are no “rules” about poaching, but that’s how I feel. If a player wants to move on from their current guild and climb the ladder, they can figure out how to do it and no one is stopping them.

I’ve written and deleted about 5 different posts in the last 30 minutes and I think I’ll just leave it there. I don’t think anyone here is going to be convinced to change their mind, regardless of what anyone says.


I understand that, and believe me I also completely understand your thoughts on “poaching.”

It’s hard for me because I can see both sides to the argument, so I sit somewhere in the middle. I don’t particularly have a problem if someone is “poached” but I DO understand why people dislike this type of behavior.

Oh well, I said my two sense on the matter, hopefully it hasn’t made too many enemies…


Nah, we’re still friends. Hey, I think my guild is looking for a new member. You interested? :wink: