{Resolved) Somebody not belonging to the Guild in the Guildchat

This might not exactly be a bug but I don’t know how else to categorize it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Today appeared a message in the guildchat that wasn’t from a guildmember. :astonished:
It was signed by Victor#4449.
Several of our guildmembers were asking where this came from and don’t appreciate it somebody turning up in our chat and trying to convince members to change guild. :angry:
Now as a guildmaster I would like to know how this is possible and if other guilds have encountered this too. :thinking:

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Is your guild set to ‘Invite Only’? If not, it’s possible that this person could have joined, sent a message in guild chat, and then left. You can check your activity log to see if this is the case.

When you say the message wasn’t from a guild member, do you mean a current guild member, or was their name in orange, as opposed to a light green?

Victor#4449 sounds more like a discord invite code than a gems of war invite code or username.

Are you sure this didn’t happen in your discord channel who may have picked up your address on the forum or somewhere publicly?

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I can’t stop laughing, but yeah that’s quite a possibility.

Nope, name was green-ish the text of the message was in green blue and yellow.
Oh yes and a part was even in what I suppose is/was Russian.
And since we’re complete as a guild (30 members) I don’t see how somebody could have joined and then left again.

Nope it didn’t happen in our discord channel. It was clearly in the guild chat.

I have had chat bug out before and make it look like globals was in our guild chat . Usually restart would remedy it. The message never actually was posted in our chat the chatbox was just bugged. It also did not appear on anyone else’s chatbox so it was just my screen bugging. Not sure if that is what happened to you or not. If u have guildies showing same message thats definitely something to ss and send to devs asap

Worth doing :+1:. Screenshots are your friend.


It’s possible that a guild member could leave, this person could join and leave (it might be wise to remove their name from your original post :thinking: as it could be seen as a callout), and then another person could join to fill up that 30th spot (even the original member - collusion!!! :scream:).

It’s even possible that they could still be in your guild, just having changed names :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: although unlikely, imo, given this type of behaviour (they’d have other guild to infiltrate).

Unless you were keeping track of your roster the whole time, and know the same 30 members were in your guild, any of this is possible. Did you check your activity log? The absence of any logs at the time of the message would also be something useful to send to any Devs. You can filter the log (by ‘Admin’, I think, in the English version), to help look.

@WWDiver Is your Guild set to invite only?
What was the player’s in game name?
Did you happen to get a screenshot?
Was anyone else chatting in your Guild chat when this happened? If so what are their names please so I can check this better.

@WWDiver I’m going to follow this thread up in a PM to you