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Poaching from other guilds' ads

It seems we may have lost a potential recruit who responded to our guild ad, but by the time we got back to him 4 hours later he had joined another guild. Maybe he applied to other guilds, but that’s not what he told me, he just said he’d ‘received an invite’… hmm :thinking:

I just want to confirm that poaching from other guilds’ ads is considered a big no-no, right?*

Recruiting is hard enough w/o having to deal with that!

. * – If I’m wrong about that, okay that’s cool too. Look for our recruiter to be haunting everyone else’s forum ads! Just trying to get clear on the rules here…

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What rules? The company that creates GoW doesn’t have any rules about recruiting.

It is considered shady to poach recruits from other guilds’ recruitment threads. However, there is no rule against it.

Edit: When I was a GM, this is the exact reason that I told recruits to PM me about interest in the guild instead of writing on the recruitment page.


Thanks, that’s about what I figured. I’ll pass the dm advice on to our recruiter.

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Seems like in the past 2 months this has gotten worse. There are 3-4 times we have lost someone because some other guild pmed them from our thread before i had a chance to respond. Not sure if its always the same people, but you are not alone in this frustration.

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This has been a problem for as long as I’ve been around (over 18 months on the forum). It doesn’t seem any worse now than it ever was, at least to me.

This happens all the time here, on Reddit on Facebook and every where else I try to recruit from. I have always asked they only PM me their invite code and in-game name when ever possible to try and minimise the risk. It still happens all the time though so when ever I have a chance to get a good recruit I usually make getting on Gems and getting them invited my #1 priority due to the high risk of poaching. Good luck!

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We used to have 3 people babysitting our ad, now we’ve upped it to 5-- the whole admin team plus a former GM!

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Outside of this instance where the recruit specifically told you they received another invite (which also could have been sent to them via random invite to random unguilded people in PvP), it could also just be the person applied to multiple recruitment ads & some else responded first. I’ve seen this happen numerous times. People can be very impatient or just hedging their bets if they don’t have a strong preference where they want to join.


I’ve already received word that this player was, in fact, applying to multiple guilds, so that’s the most likely answer and I’m relieved!

It was just something in how they worded their message that made me think. I doubt they were dissembling-- lots of players in that situation don’t even bother to notify the other guild(s)!-- and although they didn’t explicitly say the invitation came unbidden, the wording kind of implied that.

Anyway, it’s a dead issue for me now-- thanks to everyone who replied! AND we’ve now got 6 people babysitting our ad! :wink: