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Severe memory leak when opening event keys 1 at a time

Platform, device, and operating system
PC/Mobile, Steam, latest version. Windows 7 x64. But others below corroborate the problem on other versions.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected the game to be able to be able to handle flipping through some chest animations and rewards screens while trying to conserve keys. Instead, opening a chest started to take longer and longer, eventually freezing for several seconds at a time and crashing if pressed hard enough.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time. Trivially repeatable.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Enter event chest screen. Choose one key. Immediately start clicking to skip the animation and click the left side of the screen to close the subsequent rewards overlay. Might only happen with event keys.

Note that so far, this only seems to happen with event keys. Could not reproduce the issue with 50 gold keys opened one at a time. Could not reproduce within 50 gem keys opened one by one. Reproduced within 20 event keys, several times

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!


After noticeable lag on event keys:

On fresh restart:

On retest, I noticed the memory started ballooning at about the 15 key mark, then severely spiked beyond that. This time, I captured the memory spike in real time and overlayed it on the video.


And heres my final retest. Went to low quality graphics before starting and did a fresh restart. You stop spiraling toward a crash if you back out of the window and reenter the chest screen after about 10 chests or so, but your memory footprint continues to increase.


Well, so much for being conservative. I’ve lost count of how many event keys, but it is at least a few hundred. This account (not my main account) has now pulled 8 copies of Jarl and 3 (additional duplicate) Jotnar without seeing the new legendary. I’m fairly sure the two aren’t related, but…


I pulled 34 individually and felt like I had no luck, so used up my last 50 event keys and pulled 3.
I have no luck with the one key at a time do ill just do my chest openings in bulk.

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No crash, though? I’m consistently getting a very clear memory leak that balloons out of control past 10-15 consecutive single specifically event chests. Almost certain I’ve opened more than this consecutively on other weeks, but I’m having this issue now.

For further info, I’m on Steam and I’ve verified the integrity of the game cache and I’ve restarted several times (clearly, because it keeps crashing).


You know what, I’m on ps4 and come to think of it, it did start slowing down the more I went.
Also when upgrading sentinels I did it super fast and by the last one I had a never ending loading symbol so I had to restart the application.

It has been rather buggy.

On iOS this is repeatable and irritating. Thank you for showing what the immediate cause of the crashes is. Now it’s on the devs to figure out why the memory usage more than doubles after opening 10 event keys.


I experienced exactly the same thing on PS4 yesterday but have no way to monitor memory usage (as far as I know). I had slow-down and lag after about 10 or 15 keys, finally crashing before 20. When I restarted, it seemed to run better and I managed to open another 20. Once I was down to 50, I began opening in groups of 10 and had no troubles after that.

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Though I’ve never gone to crash, I’ve also experienced this phenomenon on android but it usually starts slowing down noticeably sooner than 10 keys.

Console version, here (Xbox One).

While opening Event Chests in lots of ten, I noticed significant lag between each and every “roll of the die.”

What was also noticeable was the significant amount of resources spent to simply acquire one Hyndla Frostcrown. :frowning:

Like, an unusually inordinate amount.

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I’ve also had this problem on PS4, I thought it might just be me. Opening keys 1 at a time gradually slows down and a longer loading screen shows. After a while it crashed the PS4 and I had to restart the game. To overcome it, I have had back out to the main screen of the game after opening a number of keys then go back in again sorts it, not good nevertheless.

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I too noticed this problem when opening keys on the Xbox One.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that you your options of opening chests are in batches of 1, 50, or 200 (seriously, can this PLEASE be fixed for gem chests and event chests, at least).

Being the key conservationist that I am, there I was opening event chests. One. At. A. Time. 114 guild keys and countless lags/near-crashes later, I finally pulled Hyndla. Don’t know which was more aggravating, the number of keys it took or the time that it took to open them. :roll_eyes:


Updated the category to Bug Reports (apparently this is a thing now, since… yesterday it looks like?) and added a bit more info.


Thank you for letting us know. I will pass this on.


I’ll add that I’ve experienced this on iOS as well.

I’ve used 450 keys so far and have not pulled the Legend. @sirrian @Nimhain You gonna tell me this is RNG? Your RNG statss engine is clearly bugged if this is considered “normal” for your game. I should have pulled 1 or 2 now based on the odds in the API.


No, it’s not normal. You can see the odds, so you know how not-normal it is. It is, of course, possible to be as “lucky” as you have been, but it is far from normal. (@Mithran pulled the new legendary in three event keys, so it’s also possible to be equally lucky but with a happy outcome. His alt account got three Jotnars in 300 event keys chasing the new legendary. Both of these are very low-probability outcomes.)


3 event keys about a 5% chance, so possible. 450 event keys for zip is broken. That’s not even on the “far tail of the probably curve”, it’s a totally unacceptable result for a Pay to Win game like Gems of War


Cumulative probability of hitting a success at 1.2% chance each in 450 trials is 99.56%, so about a 0.44% chance of hitting zero successes. Assuming nothing is actually broken, expectation would be that if 250 players all spent 450 event keys each, one of them would not have gotten the new legendary. Looks like today is your (un)lucky day. Incidentally, 3 Jotnar in 300 keys is just slightly (un)luckier, at about ~0.3% cumulative probability. Yeah, it sucks that you aren’t even that much of an outlier in a system that is working as intended, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t working as intended.

My remark was more at the fact that I wasn’t sure if the constant reseeding of the RNG by opening 1 chest at a time or crashing influencing when I was opening the chests and therefore the seed I was getting was affecting the outcome. To which: yes, it probably was, but no, not in a way that would make it “not random”, just in a sense that I probably would have gotten different “random” pulls (possibly still not the ones I wanted, but possibly yes) had I not been constantly crashing and insisting on opening one key at a time and forcing the crash.


I got it in 7 event keys on iPhone (which means I didn’t run into the memory leak either). Take it as you will…


@Mithran @cyrup

Can confirm on iOS, crashed opening event keys and was up to 5-8s per opening today.

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