Several questions for a newb

So I am just starting the game and I can’t find how to do a few things. How do I use the elemental trait stones? I have several, but I can’t find where I can see a list of what I have, or any way to use them. I suppose that I will get what traitstones do once I figure out how to use them, but I am curious. I also see some things that talk about an enemy or troop’s magic, and I am not sure if that is something different than mana. I joined a guild, and am unsure if I know enough about what it does. Basically is it a place where you can help pay into something to get all your guild members some nice treasures? That’s all I see for that right now.

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@Tacet has a year worth of videos!

lots of videos for new players as well.

Traitstones are used to unlock traits for your troops.

Troops -> Select a Troop -> Crafting button -> Traits should show you what’s available for that troop and what it will cost to unlock.

Hero -> Collection will give you a list of what you currently have.

Magic is the stat that defines how much damage etc a spell will do. You can see an enemy troops magic by selecting the troop and looking in the top left of their spell card. It should be a number on top of a crystal ball.

Guilds have a statue for each colour mana, and each task completed gives rewards to the guild members and xp to the corresponding statue. Once the statue gets enough xp it will level up. Statues give Mana Mastery based on their level, and at certain levels they can also provide other bonuses (extra turns in Treasure Hunt, more Glory from PVP wins etc). Also if your guild manages to finish all 12 tasks for a statue in a week they will get a temporary stat bonus to all their troops (based on the statue).

The rewards gotten from completing the tasks usually vastly outweigh the gold put into them, so are always worth doing.


Hi Danny, welcome to the forums!

The traitstones can be used to upgrade your troops. Each troop has 3 traits that can be unlocked, and each trait requires a certain number of stones. From your troop list, you should be able to click on any troop and see the traits that can be unlocked, as well as the cost in traitstones.

Magic IS different than mana. Magic is a stat, like armour, life and attack, but magic has different effects based on the particular spell that each troop casts. Increasing magic might increase the damage that a spell does, or increase the number of gems that are destroyed or transformed by a spell, or increase the level of a troop summoned, etc. A particular troop will always require the same number of mana to power up their spell.

A guild is essentially what you describe: a place where all members can contribute to common goals. Each guild has 6 different tasks (corresponding to the 6 guild statues that you see on the guild screen) that can be completed each week. As each level of each task is completed, each guild member will receive a reward in the mail. There are some additional wrinkles, but you’ll learn more as you play more. Being in a guild is one of the best ways to get resources, so always be in the best guild that you can, and try to contribute a reasonable portion of your gold toward guild tasks, but also focus on using gold to levelling up your kingdoms.

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Ha! @Stan I knew if I typed anything of substance I would be sniped. So I linked a great resource @DannySt can review once others answer these starting questions. I do hope he takes the time to visit Tacets youtube channel.

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@KrudlerTheHorse also has some good videos for beginners.

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Well, if that’s how you want to play it, then @DannySt should definitely check out this series by @KrudlerTheHorse:

These videos are brief, aimed at new players and informed by the collective wisdom of the community.

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