Help a new player here


hello! i just started playing this game and i had so many question, i found this forum here os i thought this would be the best place to ask… so where to begin

  1. is there a way to see how long a spell takes to charge? i’ve noticed the standard club you receive and the “bloody axe” weapon only differ of 2 damage points and yet the bloody axe take twice as long to charge, if i knew that i would have just stuck to the starting club

  2. is there any disadvantage into having a team where you use all 6 colors? it seems to me that not doing so just means wasting mana since there seems to be no advantage at all into sticking with single colors

  3. i understand the banner bonus but how do you get the other sort of bonus?

  4. when using traitstone to unlock traits do you just unlock one of them or all of them?

  5. is there a reason why you should use commons? i’ve got a quite nice stack of undead cards and even the traitstone to get their traits but i don’t want it to go to waste

  6. what’s the point of leveling a kingdom?

  7. what do you get by clearing challenges? just souls to level up?

  8. are event items just bought by glory points which you get by PvP? or is there more to event?

  1. Go into the options menu and there is a toggle option to turn mana display on.
  2. It depends a lot on the team. Some teams work without using all colors, but for the most part you would want to cover them all.
  3. The other bonus is from 2-4 troops of the same kingdom or 3-4 troops of the same type like Knights, Humans, Beasts, etc.
  4. One of them. The lower the rarity the lower the cost.
  5. There are many good commons. To name a few: Centaur, Rock Worm, and Skeleton.
  6. Leveling a kingdom increases tribute by 1% chance for that kingdom and +1 to the mana mastery shown. Maxing it to level 10 gives the attribute shown to all troops in all battles, excluding Arena.
  7. Souls only. It use to be tied into kingdom leveling, but currently all they give are souls.
  8. Event weapons currently can only be bought with glory. Event troops go into key drops a week after the event. There is currently nothing too special to do between events. They are mostly for introducing a trickle of new content between the down time of major updates and new kingdoms.


mmm i see, thanks for replying

anything in particular i should known? so far i just cleared all the story in the first kingdom and the one with the crazy gods (kakaroth?) i haven’t really aimed at anything particular, just playing the game and clearing stuff


Really, just play and enjoy. There is no wrong path.

My one tip would be to not level too many troops over level 10 until you get a feel for which troops you really like, as the soul cost to level goes up.

There are threads in the Community Guides forum that can help give you some thoughts on easier methods to advance.

I personally, liked to unlock and clear the story line on each kingdom. The end of each story gives an epic troop. Wild Plains has Sunweaver, who I find particularly useful.


Don’t forget the Goblin. He’s good too. I used him a lot when I started playing this game. :smiley:


We don’t forget goblins like yourself.


what’s the best way to make more money? level up the kingdoms? what change when i change “kingdom residence” can you use multiple of the same unit and is there any advantage in doing so or should multiple of the same card just be used to power up their rarity?


Early on, I would not ascend troops. I would use the spare common/rare troops to disenchant into souls to level your existing team.

The early game has the hardest choices because the resources seem so limited.

I used to make my money from the Alchemist and treasure maps. I would play a team with the Alchemist/Valkyrie to gain some souls and gold, even from losses. This allowed me to level my troops up. With the combination, I could lose a match, but still gain resources to advance.

I’m going to try a fresh steam account, and see if I can get a better feel for how the earliest levels flow now.


Keep that behaviour to your other thread please.

@teasel check out the guides section:

Also, play as many of the quests as possible before you venture into pvp would be my advice. I think the arena is an expensive gamble (but other players have found it rewarding). Join a guild.

Agree in the early days you could disenchant spares to get souls. Pick a starting team you like and try and get it stronger. Skeleton and Luther make a good early combo. Or try and build a Goblin team.

…and enjoy!


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if you want to jion a guild there are many recruiting. The forums is a great resource for info and if you have any questions there are 30 plus people who might have an answer.


I started a few weeks ago myself and what really helped me was arena once I had an understanding of the mechanics. On normal mode its almost a guaranteed 8 wins just keep a good color spread and read an arena guide. If you can get Valkyrie early abuse it work it in your lineup for extra souls. Once you get a solid team built switch from arena to pvp.