Kingdom Levels Not Giving Extra

My home kingdom is level 5 but it doesn’t seem to make much difference, if at all any, to the amount of coins I get from that kingdom. I certainly don’t get other things from it either.

Each level increases tribute chance for that kingdom by 1%, applicable per time you collect your gold, which is a max of once per hour. Each level also gives you +1 to the shown mastery which increases the chance of that color’s mana surge on a 3 match. Leveling a kingdom 10 times also gives the shown stat for all matches, excluding arena.

Leveling a kingdom does not increase how much gold it gives per day, unless you happen to get its tribute.

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Very informative. Not a lot of good information on this game. Thanks :smile:

I use to help write guides for this game, but then I got too busy to keep up with their constant updating. xD

I may end up writing one for the new key, VIP system, and upgrading in 1.0.8 if I have time this holiday.

Cool, that’d be great! I never knew that leveling up the kingdom increased the +1/+1 (or +2, respectively). Also, didn’t know that each kingdom gave bonuses to either armor, health, or both. Just saw these enemies with green armor/health and was like, wth?

I fancy myself as a fairly decent (experienced in years, I suppose, perhaps not skill haha) gamer and it may just be me, but where pray tell is this information IN GAME.

My apologies in advance if I’m just totally blind but I never saw it. Lots of stuff is convoluted, the banners, defense teams, etc. Great game though >^.^<

There is nothing that increases the +1/+1 or +2. They are added after each match. A 3 pair surge match on +1 would be 7 mana, not 8. Leveling kingdoms only increases the chance for a surge.

Kingdoms also don’t have multiple increases anymore. All of those plus values are from maxed kingdoms and unit synergy. As of 1.0.7, having multiple troops from the same faction or kingdom gives a bonus. No clue where the one on here is, but someone made one about it on Steam: Steam Community :: Guide :: All Team Combination Bonuses (2.0 Compatible)

The way the game design is set up.

If you want large sum of Gold, try PvP.
If you want large sum of Soul, try Arena.
If you want a semi-steady source of Gems, try Treasure Hunt.

So if your goal in leveling up the Kingdom is to have more coins… then you’re looking at the wrong direction :wink:

So what is the purpose of leveling the kingdom, I’m confused? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Leveling Kingdom increases the chance of Tribute Rate. Each time you collect Gold, you have a chance of triggering Extra Tribute. That chance is determined by your Kingdom Levels. Also, if you have multiple kingdoms offering tribute at the same time, you can get additional Gems reward.

2 Kingdoms: 2 Gems
3 Kingdoms: 10 Gems
4 Kingdoms: 15 Gems
5+ Kingdoms: 20 Gems

So if you have no life… err … I mean, if you’re dedicated like me and collects on an hourly basis, then it is entirely possible to collect over 50 Gems a day on good runs, assuming you have all your Kingdoms Maxed.

Also, if you’re playing on PC/Mobile, when a Kingdom is Maxed, you also get a permanent Stat boost. This boost is not only to your Hero, but your entire Team as well. You can see what Stat you get when you go into the Kingdom Tab. (Hint: Go for Karakoth first!)

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@tacet and @ctu1208
The OP @Ruzin plays on PS4 and @LadySapphira plays on Xbox so none of the comments you have made are relevant to either of them.

Ruzin, in the console version, Kingdom level affects bonuses in that Kingdom but not gold received. Completing that Kingdom’s quest affects gold received.

Therefore I have recategorised this post into the console category.

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Oops, didn’t even notice that they play the consul versions. XD

Thanks for changing the category.

The Tribute part should still be solid, only the Stat Boost part is from the PC/Mobile version

Um, I had already put it in the console section?

Hmmm, well I thought I had.

Well anyway I asked because someone said in another thread that you get more stuff the higher the kingdom but I honestly have noticed no difference in the yields or tributes.