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Kingdom level questions

When using hold to level a kingdom do you have to set that kingdom as yours or will the bonuses follow you to a different home kingdom? Any help on the kingdoms would be greatly appreciated.

I am confused about what you are asking so i will give you the whole run down with kingdoms and hope it helps. When a kingdom reaches level 10 the bonus it gives stays with you even if you change kingdoms. If that kingdom gets star levels those also stay with that kingdom even if you change kingdoms. The only thing kingdoms change is how much you get from a kingdom’s tribute. (Home kingdom is always double what it normally would be.) If you reach a certain power level in a kingdom it can further the bonuses of a kingdom.

@killerman3333 so if i level ghulvania from 1 to 2…instead of 1% tribute i will get 2% even though my home kingdom is zajin? Im still a bit confused as to what the “gem mastery” does for you? It is purple and went from +1 to +2. My purple mana surge is 19% my hero gets +12, guild +4, and kingdom +8…by leveling the kingdom and adding the mastery does that mean it takes less gems to get a mana surge. ( ie a match 3 gives me 4, a match 4 gives me 5 or 6, and a 5 will fill my mana up completely?

By leveling up a kingdom it increases the chance of getting a tribute not the amount unless it is your home kingdom. The mastery only increases the likely hood of that colour giving you a mana surge (double mana) when matching gems. (match 3 gives you 6, match 4 gives you 8, match 5 gives you 10)

Thanks that helps.

Your welcome. Sorry it was not that in depth but i hope i answered your questions fully.

Ekhm, not exactly. You’re completely right about match 3 - it gives you 3 mana normally, 6 when surge occurs, but 4 match never gives surge (so it’s always 4 mana, no matter your chance), 5+ match always gives you surge. Mana surge chance is important only when you match 3 gems.

Also - a bit off topic - you can get mana bonuses from a banner or traits. All those bonuses apply after surges - so if you have +2 from banner 3-match gives you either 5 or 8 mana, 4-match will always give 6, 5-match always 12.

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@GemsCollector thanks. We have only been playing about a month and everything changed lol

If you play on console (PS4) then 4 matches also get surge. Started after last update, I’m not sure if it’s just arena or also other parts of the game.

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I think the mastery section is cleared up.
Regarding the rest of your question, all kingdoms you level up are your kingdoms.

If you level Ghulvania from 1 to 2, you now have a 2% chance every time you collect gold that Ghulvania will give you a tribute. (The tribute is listed in the tab when you open Ghulvania’s properties.)
This is true for all your kingdoms.
Whenever you collect gold (once an hour maximum on PC, at least) you have a chance for tribute from each of your kingdoms.
The difference on the kingdom you set as your home kingdom is that when it generates a tribute, it doubles the reward.

Happy hunting!

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Players have mana mastery - which determines the chance that they will get a mana surge. (The exact math of this is a bit complex - but in simple terms higher is always better, and your chance to get a mana surge tends to level off around 55%.)

Every time you match gems, you have a chance to get that mana surge - which doubles the value of the match.

Kingdoms are one source of mana mastery - each level gives +1 to a specific color mastery.

“Bonus” mana comes from the banner you set for your army, or potentially from traits on your creatures. Bonus mana is added AFTER a surge, if one happened. So a 3-match surge with +1 bonus mana gives a total of 7 mana of that color.

All matches now use your base % chance to surge.

Other than the double tribute amount, is there any benefit to choosing one kingdom over another?

For console, no.

For PC/mobile, a small benefit from having that Kingdom drop a particular traitstone during all Revenge matches (Console drops random traitstones in Revenge).


Exactly what actreal said.

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