Does choosing home kingdom affect mana surges? (No)

I have been told yes, but after playing around with several kingdoms that match my defense team,
My stats don’t change. Thoughts?

Home Kingdom has no effect on your mana mastery. Changing your class can affect it though. See in your last screenshot that you have +20 brown for your class.

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That’s what I thought… but wanted to verify. My stats obviously didn’t show any changes. So I’m guessing choosing a kingdom is about tribute?

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No it doesn’t.
The home kingdom has had a lot of different minor effects on the game, wich were all slowly stripped away.

Nowadays, home kingdom has only 2 effects I can think of :

  • it’s where you collect your gold
  • it gives twice the tributes (when it does give you a tribute)

The few things that can affect your mastery are :

  • your level
  • your guild
  • your hero class
  • your hero class level
  • your kingdom levels
  • (in battle only) the Jinxed trait

I have all kingdoms to level 10. So all I’m looking at is having the highest gold tribute (don’t need souls). What kingdom do you recommend with a double tribute?

Highest gold would be Khaziel. Most people want the highest glory (Whitehelm) because that allows you to purchase the glory packs for traitstones.

What a hard choice… more gold for the guild or more glory.

Usually the gold you can get from tribute will be insignificant compared to the gold you can get from PvP.

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Also, if you still have kingdoms below level 10, that would take priority over guild tithes, as the bonuses from kingdoms are a huge boost to your overall viability. If this is the case, contribute the bare minimum gold required by your guild (and let them know you are still leveling kingdoms), and invest the rest into kingdoms.

Also, you get gold from the glory packs and potentially from the keys in the glory packs.


Not hard : go for glory :smiley:

That amount of glory could be significant and helpful for you (I collect around 6k a week only by tributes. And i’m not a high level player :slight_smile: ). While gold amount may be low, compared to what a guild could gather. We talk only about 1 kingdom doubled. Khaziel gives 250 gold, so 250 more if it’s your homeland. Even if you get it once a day, you will gather only ~2000 gold a week. Less than 1 PvP fight ^^

Glory it is! Thanks guys! All my kingdoms are at level 10 and the majority (besides newer ones) have a power of 6 or 7. Whitehelm is the new boardwalk!