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Just a few questions

I have been playing Gems of War on the Xbox One for a while and there a few thing I hope I can get some answers on.

  1. Are trait stones random on which ones you get? Also what about the rarer stones. I have a Goblin in my team and he need a Stealth Trait stone. Is this only from chests, events? Also is it possible to get this from a specific kingdom?
  2. Some times my troop is hit and killed with an added poison, but then the poison goes onto another troop. Is this a glitch? No where does it say on the card this will happen.
  3. I have a troop with trait gain 1 shield start every turn, but this does not happen. Anybody else have problem with this?
  4. I have seen that there are people with a lot of maps, how do you get so many? I have a team set up with Tyri (I think that is the troop), but that is only 20% chance to get map. Also, with playing the maps, anybody have any tips? I usually try and find and match 5 as much as I can to get more turns, is there anything else. The highest I have got is 60, but did not get to the final chest.
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1- yes traitstone are ramdom during pvp and arena but you can try to farm them while doing challenge in kingdom, you will need to look for the kingdom color ant try to do same same color then the traitstone you need . Glory chest, gem chest , event and vio chest can also give you ramdom stones

2-some card will deal the status effect on another troop when they kill it

3-what is the troop? Some troop need to be hitted before you can gain armor

4-Tyri is a good option but been i a good
Guild and do guild task is faster to get

5- for the treasure maos you need to pactice over and over and you will get better

Try to do 5x first then 4x if you only get x3 try to do it the lower you can

Just to add to @Rickygervais points, if you want to know where to farm for specific traitstones, a couple of resources are:

@Lyya’s kingdom list:


There is also a community guide for Arcane stones that shows which troops use which Arcane and where to farm them:

I have both of these bookmarked and refer to them often.

If the trait is to “recover” one armor at the start of each turn, then this only starts once that troop has lost armor. The trait will add armor up until it reaches the starting amount.

The other main source of maps, aside from using Tyri or getting them from guild tasks, is if you get a ‘cascade’ of more than 5 matches during normal play. A good way to increase the chances of this happening is by using a team with one or more troops that transform gems from one colour to another. For example, Alchemist & valkyrie. Luck factors into this a lot as well, but you’ll pick up a few maps here and there without even trying.

Thanks guys. That explains why the armor only increase later on, they should list this on the card. Same with the poison, I had no idea why that was happening as it did not say that on the card. Is this sort of thing intended or a glitch?
That is what I do now for maps, just have to keep trying I guess.

Also, thanks Stan for the link, that should help a bit, now I just have to get lucky for it to come up, will be useful for targeting specific stones also.

The armor thing is intended you need to lose armor to start gaining armor but if another of your troop give you more armor before you get hit, he will start to regain from this new armor stats

The poison is maybe a bug, do you remember which troop it was and what was the circonstance?

In the future, we will get a new game mode called ‘explore’, where you can farm arcane traitstones with a better drop rate, but that is at least one, and maybe two, updates away for console version. Doing quests or challenges in a specific kingdom is a reliable and quick way to get specific minor traitstones, but I think the arcane drop rate is something like 2%. For now, it’s the only way to reliably farm specific arcanes, but can be frustratingly slow. You could do 50 battles in a kingdom and not get one.

I’m not sure about the poison thing. I can’t think of a good reason that poison would pass from one of your troops to another and think that, if it is happening, it is probably a bug. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the kind of poison transfer that you described. I’m not sure if X-box has a handy record feature like PS4 does, but if you could catch a video of that happening, it would be helpful in figuring out the problem.

Looks like some great answers to your question above. Just some additional notes.

Q #2 on poison spreading. This is not a bug. If you examine the enemy they will have something like “poison a random enemy”. Make a video or at least write down the troops involved.

  1. Obtain Valkyrie and use always use it.
  2. Save your Glory “Wings” for buying the weekly troop, never ever use it on Glory chests.
  3. Join an active guild.
  4. Experiment with different teams
  5. Watch Tacit’s videos, he has some aimed at new players

Hi Xbox guy,

I too was surprised that some players said it must be a secrete or something to get a lot of maps…!!!
Not so Maps and Keys everybody gets who is in a hardworking GUILD…On a regular day i have 75-90 maps and 45-60 keys…And let me thank the England Guild where i am a part off since a few months gave them a high five for their consistent and hard work…It helps me motivate myself…we are currently 6th on the but are closing in on 5…Of Course
the important thing is to contribute to tasks every day and chance you get it benefits all… i am zathras …

That could be it, will have to look more closely at the card next time.

Alright, sounds like a good guild. How do I join?

They are full but you are on xbox rightÉ Im om on PS4…

Oh, yes. That would probably make a difference.

Just scan the forums, there’s a couple xbox guilds recruiting,
Birch team bis if you’re more casual (especially good if you’re a newer player)
Birch team for more of a hardcore player
Task masters for more of a hardcore player
Guild of thieves might be recruiting and they’re for a more hardcore player base.

And there’s definitely more on here, the above ones are just more active on the forums.

Can you change your invite code or just have to have what was generated for you? Mine has my username in it for some reason.

Probably a stupid question but when in a guild can you trade troops? Or is only thing you can do with unwanted troops is get souls from them by destroying them.

I believe if your invite code doesn’t work you can submit a ticket to support to have it changed

There is no trading.

I would strongly suggest not disenchanting any troops until you have ascended them to mythic, and even then still keep at least one copy of each to maintain your kingdoms power level.

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this is after I play when I want maps. it was 1 game and taken around 15 mins but I have control of how long it lasts I could have doubled I just get bored and 20+ is cool right. If your interested I will make a video of me doing it for you =)

I don’t have a clear idea of what your suggesting but if its to do with why I diddnt just post what I do and appear like Tracey Trixter its because I’m not prepared to get an headache when I offer help ie. I miss minor detail. op misunderstands and so on resulting in me being called out for bs or it don’t work… iv had this crap on other forums for trying to help many times over the years so if its request ill provide in a way that ill be finished as everything is answered in 1 hit. But already Its going that way so thanks.

p.s id post how I do it in my own thread and type up a pretty guide with idiot proof detail if I know it would be helpful, From my view I cant understand why anyone needs to ask such questions so id be wasting my time

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No it was a simple childish inuendo. Im sure your guide will be appreciated

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