Use Traits Stones on

Use Trait Stones rather on:

!) Hero or
2) Troops ?

Thanx for any advice.

Troops. They help give kingdoms stars.


Good point ! Thank you

Well, there are done pretty sweet hero traits also…Like the archer…

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since they use single color - after you get the troops that use single colors (commons) - then swap to hero… that sorcer getting 50% chance of 1 magic every round and getting 1 armor everytime they cast? pretty cool


As was said, both Archer and Sorcerer have some sweet traits. I don’t regret traiting them.

Another thing worth mentioning, the other single-color troops beside commons are the imps, do note that they don’t add to kingdom stars, so they are not worth traiting unless you actually need that trait.


Not a really sensible question. Hero uses monocolor stones that are tied to only common troops that are probably not interesting and if so still need only a couple. (except maybe the imps but that is also special case).

You’re talking as if arcanes are the only type of stones…

In reality, most traits in the game don’t even need arcanes, and many people are stressed for minors and runics as well, not just arcanes.

Also, two of the classes do need dual-color stones.

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Indeed my view is fairly self-centric. Those who look for traiting are probably active players so should get into an active guild. From guild and normal amount of play more than enough gold and glory keys drop to cover all the realistic need for minors and majors.

Runics may still be a problem.

I myself didn’t trait a single hero, barely any traits looks interesting to start with and the hero with all the buffs still appears inferior to troops in pvp context. In arena traits don’t play (in theory). that leaves the pve challenges, anyone plays those beyond farnimg? And for farming one can decide himself.

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Arcanes are the big ones, unless there is currently or recently an event chest with them available, or the player has been raking in enough glory/keys/gems for months to have enough of each arcane on hand to consider legendary traits. For kingdom stars, lets also bear in mind that as more troops are added to a given kingdom, the restrictions for getting a full five stars are much more lax, to the point that you might not need more than a handful (or even none) of a given arcane to max your kingdoms by the time you have the other resources to do so. The first trait that doesnt cost arcane stones for most classes is usually nothing more than filler (Sorc’s magic link is good, Warden’s avenger is OK). For the rest, you are going to need a ton of arcanes.

If you have the stones, though, Archer’s Fast is probably the most versatile of the Hero traits, and probably the only mono color Arcane you’d have enough of if you were playing during the Spring Imp event but not long enough to have dozens of the others. For dual colors, if you are debating lava arcanes from the recent Nobends event to use on Mechanist vs, say, Jarl, thats a toss up depending on how much you use your Hero (and if Clockwork counts on the Hero if their perk is set to “counts as a construct”, since I dont have it myself). If you are thinking of getting Necromancer traits, don’t, there are much better options for those colors.