I apparently suck at forums (looking for informations on traits - ANSWERED)


So I’ve been searching via the forums search bar looking for two threads, that at this point I’m only about 72.3% sure weren’t fabricated in my mind. One was a guide that listed which kingdoms provided what traitstones, which for whatever reason I think taliaparks created. The other thread was about what traitstones are required for each troop. Like I said, these threads may or may not exist, or I may or May not be super incompetent at using forums. If anyone could guide me as to where I could possibly find either of these I would greatly appreciate it


try forum search (trait) will bring up a lot of useful info about traitstones. like (guide to traitstones)


that will give what each town drops. use it very often. thanks @Archenassa for the good work


And @KAYA43V3R put together a good cost table.

Traitstone costs 1.0.8


Another option, if you know the troop you’re trying to trait up:


Filter to the troop you care about, then click the trait in question. It should tell you what stones are required, and (in the case of Arcane traitsones) which city they’ll drop from.


If you want the kingdoms to farm traits. Although w/o dust devils prenerf farming is not worth it imho.


very nice @Lyya that’s an all in one. thanks


Thank you so much everyone.


Yeah, I agree. (Sadly consoles don’t even have him yet) but I was also trying for souls as well so I just wanted to be more efficient


A quick in game way to tell is bring up the challenge screen and view an enemy team (50 gold or free with VIP level 3 or 4) and whatever banner they are using the challenges drop that traitstone, this is accurate to the best of my knowledge

Also a troop requires the arcane stone that matches his color too


This is not quite correct. On PC/mobile, the Kingdom where the battle is located determines the colours of traitstone that drop (i.e. Maugrim Woods drops blue and green Runic/Major/Minor and Arcane Swamp Stones). So all challenges are clearly in the Kingdom of the challenge, but PvP is in the defending Kingdom.

Arena and Treasure Hunt are fully random in traitstone drops.

On console, all traitstone drops are random.


I meant for challenges, sorry if I was unclear, I figured since he asked what kingdoms dropped what stones that I would only post the kingdoms for sake of targeting a particular stone while grinding


I meant for challenges too. There’s no need to scout the challenge team, every single challenge in a Kingdom will drop the same colour of Traitstones.