Server having trouble error

Same. No gems, no war.

I can’t log in either.

getting same results…lost connection, retry error

Still broken.

@Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra game is still in playable.

i cant, server timeout

It’s not playable for me. I can’t even log in.

I have several technical terms for this situation and they are all at least PG-13, some of them are R…


Server timeouts again. Starting to regret spending money on this game.

Cant’ log in.

Problems started 1st thing this morning when I got screwed out of literally every single guild task reward lol!

Ok I lie I think I actually got all of 24 Glory Keys.

Poor support, this is going to be a poopie day for them :frowning:

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@Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra

When the rest happened, I did PVP and my ranking was 8. After 8 hours later, when I access the Gow, my tire ranking bump up to 5. After that this server time out and crush happened. During that time, I was be able to logged in and found that my tire ranking bump up again for 1. The total PVP battle is 18, and now I am tire ranking 1. Something very strange.

Just adding my name to the list of ppl experiencing server issues. Im on PC in North America, if that matters…
I hope peace does not take over Krystara while we all wait for the servers! :wink:


Yep. I’m having issues too. Can log in on PC but servers very slow and seem to get stuck after PVP battles. On my tablet, can’t even log in. :disappointed:

This problem was first reported 15 hours ago!!! WAKE UP AND FIX IT ALREADY!!!

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First pvp match of the day. Victory then…

Still keep spinning the screen between the image of Victory and server time out
and can not reconnect -freezes after the victory screen. ???

por ultimo un comunicado, algo, desde ayer que el server anda mal…

I can’t even log into the game. Ah, Mondays.

Game is unplayable… guess the new servers weren’t much better than the older ones.

Ok. What happens when I get the “Your connection to the server has timed out” error in the middle of a Level Up where the RETRY button can only ask me to try again later?