Server Error (May 9th)


Hey Everyone,

Looks like our servers are experiencing errors again!
(the old ones… the NEW ones are fine)

We’re currently locked out of the game, and I’m sure most of you are too.
We’ve contacted the server provider as usual, and they’re working to fix it asap.

Altared Reality

Darn. Gives me an excuse to go to sleep then.


So does this count as an inconvenience? Wonder what will happen when it comes back on.


Darn it, I was about to upgrade my kingdom and complete 2 task. I got a few very weird errors, sadly I didn’t take any pictures. I’m on the Xbox one and confirm server are offline at the moment.



I was about to open 3 chests using keys I got from one of the kingdom story levels. Its logging me back on and then giving me the error message. But I definitely lost my 3 keys. Will keep playing once I can get back on.


Now what am I supposed to do with my life


Its in a book just take a look reading rainbow.


You lose, you get nothing! Good day sir…lol…Strange error message. I was able to get back into the game after about 2-3 minutes sitting at the loading screen. I went to my kingdom and thought was going to get my tribute and multiple errors popped up. I’ll have to dashboard to reboot once again.


The timing is pretty poor on this one. I usually wait until the last second to decide how much extra Glory I’m willing to spend on the weekly troop packs for the traitstones after I can compare with the coming week’s pack. I suppose the decision has been made for me this week. Didn’t get as many as I would have liked, but luckily I decided to pick up a few packs earlier. With any luck, everything will be running and I’ll be up early enough to sneak a couple more packs before the reset tomorrow.


Nooooo, I always play at this time of the day when I’m at work drinking my coffee … now what do I do ?


So glad I got valor to mythic before the issues. :wink:


If this outage lasts too long, we’ll extend out the time that Valor is available in the store for an extra day.


I need change overs to happen on Mondays cause that’s my day off to grind


Meant to be lighthearted lol


Looks like it is working again.

@Sirrian - posting a preview for 2.0 would always keep people happy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why could this not happen on the 4th? We could have had a laugh and say it was the dark side that did it.


Not for me… :frowning:


Me neither.

If I pretend to be upset enough can I get free things?

I’ll settle for a hug.


I think free stuff like hugs should be like the force and penetrate your every fiber and surround you and fill you with itself.