Server Issues Updates: Please see Sirrian's official post for the latest updates

Original title: 6 Months is long enough: Fix your servers! This is ridiculous and insulting

Title pretty much sums it up. It’s been at least 6 months since major server issues became the norm. Whether it’s losing a match (and rewards) for a match you actually won, not getting all your guild rewards, missing guild keys from guildmates guild key purchases, not getting credit for contributing gold to the guild or just not being able to connect to the game; enough is enough!

It’s great that you have all these new players coming on board but how long do you think they’re actually going to stick around if this is the state of the game that they find? To say nothing of us veterans who have invested so much time into the game (and for some of us, money, too).

The fact that the devs act like this is acceptable growing pains when week after week nothing improves (occasionally the worst of the issues disappear for a week but they always come roaring back to life).

FIX YOUR SERVERS! No more excuses. Get that shit migrated and done or lose your player base.


Emo-tree is not amused.


I seriously believe the server issues have cost my guild the completion of a 5th task, achieving 40,000 seals this week.
Not to mention all the other rewards we would have received.
Players have limited days and times they can play, one of my players has let me know that on the occasions he has tried to play there have been server issues.
This is beyond frustrating and needs to be fixed!!!


I am getting super annoyed at all the bugs in this game. Twice in the last 24 hours I have won a fight then at the end (after showing my rewards) I get a server error and put back to the main screen. When I look at my battle log it shows I lost the fight (which I really won).

Five or more times a day it tells me I’m not in a guild which I really am in.

Twice in a month it has told me I couldn’t collect my reward because I received it already from another guild (which I have been in the same guild for 1.5 months so that’s not possible).

Ten or more times a day I get a random server error stopping me from doing one thing or another.

This isn’t anything new, for weeks if not months this has been happening. How long do we have to suffer through all this???



Also, not having anyone on staff on the weekends to monitor the servers when you already know they are shitty and tend to commit seppuku on the weekends just adds insult to injury.


@Nimhain @Sirrian the servers are melting today. I cannot even log in.


Agreed, it’s an international game, played 24/7 in who knows how many time zones. There should be one person on staff all the time.
It’s become a game where success is based on being lucky enough to be playing at a time when the game is actually working



Has it been really six months of issues? I’m not trying to be smart or anything, i’ve just had less time to play recently and usually the game works just fine, today so far i didn’t had any issue that wasn’t local (internet malfunction).

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I made sure to make a 10 purchase this week to show my support. I can think of very few games I've gotten this many hours of fun from for such a small investment of IRL

I think the only games I’ve played more are Quake 1/2/3, Diablo 3 and Street Figher II

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We’ve console players have been experiencing bugs, glitches, and server issues since the update went live a few weeks ago. Did Infinity Plus 2 hired some fired employees from Trion Worlds?

I understand where you’re coming from @KrudlerTheHorse and I respect your decision but I won’t be spending anymore money on this game until the server migration is completed. My wife and I are VIP 6 & 7 resepectiveky so we’ve opened our wallets quite a bit and did so willingly. I feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth from this game (this is the rare game I’ve played consistently for 2+ years) and don’t think money spent = entitlement but when severe issues such as these continue to happen and the Devs aren’t even doing the bare minimum (i.e. monitoring the servers and forums over the weekend), it makes me feel like their priorities aren’t in the right place. I can’t, in good concious, continue to support a Developer who takes my loyalty for granted.


The reason the servers are having issues today is that they are in the middle of the migration to the new servers, as you all have been demanding. Nim confirmed this in global chat last night. If you could just hold on to your rage for a bit until that is complete, you will probably see some serious improvements. Gve them a break, for heaven’s sake!


Regardless if the bulk of the problems have been in the past six months or six weeks the frustration is mounting. It seems the problems are mostly during prime time (weekends, change of the week, etc). That’s not to say I don’t have something go wrong almost every time I play the game.

Kudler, I totally agree with you Quake, Diablo, Street Fighter were some of the best! One of the big differences though is the cost. I have put in just shy of $300 on this game (Quake and those other great games were $40 – no additional charges).

I am level 1000+ and have only been playing for less than 6 months so I am guessing I am putting in more hours on this then most – maybe that is why I am more frustrated when getting booted out of a fight and then being marked as losing it. Guess I should take a break from it or at least slow down until the bugs get fixed.

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Oh I agree it’s a piss off. I’ve spent my hard earned bucks, and when I can’t afford it I make videos to draw new customers. I’ve gotten private thanks for this. But anyways this isn’t to boast, I’m actually agreeing with you. Let’s hope this doesn’t go on for much more, it’s been atrocious over the holiday.


Give them a break? Because what? We were all supposed to be in chat to find this out? Maybe, if this is true, they should have let the community know with an update instead of borking the servers on one of the busiest days of the week.

You can white knight all you want, @RiverSong but this is ridiculous and we have every right to be upset.


Yeah I get ya. I’m not apologizing for them - it IS annoying as F$#@&^%

Here I am in the middle of trying to make a LOOOOOONG deep strategy video, and the thing’s kacking out every 2 minutes. I’m feeling the pain too.


RiverSong, I really hope your right… I didn’t know they were replacing their servers today.

I am a server administrator (have been for 15 years) and most of the time there is a notice of downtime and normally it isn’t more than an hour. Are they making these changes while everyone is in the middle of playing the game? Also, normally server swaps are about an hour or less - can we expect in the next two ours everything is going to be great? Sorry, I’m being a skeptic.


As I understand it, we’re not talking about a simple server swap, they’re switching to a new provider at a new location. It’s bound to take more than an hour. I don’t mind the downtime personally, but I would have expected an “official news” post on the forum here rather than relying solely on global chat to spread the word.