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Server issues (November 17, 2016)

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the game today? For the last week and a half I’ve had server connection issues on and off, but today I can’t login at all. My iPad and phone are both stuck at Logging In on the main screen.

No problems here I just got out of PvP fights a moment ago.

I can log in, but it takes about 5 times longer than normal.

On my fast Internet it takes me about a minute to log in. On my slow Internet it takes 5-6 minutes. So maybe it’s related to your Internet?

Since it was working fine until a week or so ago, and nothing else about my Internet connection to any other game or site has changed, that would be a no.

Then you should write a support ticket. Because there are no problems with server.

My game & computer just completely froze and locked up during a pvp match :frowning:
Had to restart whole computer.
Could not even access event manager or shut down properly. @Sirrian What could be going on here?

I finally got in after a very long delay, but I’m getting disconnects constantly that require multiple retries. First thing I did was a PVP battle, and I had to retry the connection twice right after. Next I ascended a troop: five retries. Whatever has been going on for more than a week has escalated bigtime today.

Will someone on the dev team please acknowledge this already?

What you mean is, you aren’t having problems with the server. There obviously is a problem; it just isn’t being experienced by you.

Or by anyone else in our guild of 30 people, or by anyone else from a bunch of people on the global chat, or by anyone else on the forum except you. That’s why I’m telling you to write a ticket, since you are the only one experiencing problems.

But that’s just a friendly suggestion since I wanted to help you out. If you don’t want it’s fine, I won’t poke my nose in your business any more.


Someone else in chat mentioned it too. It’s not just me, but it’s not common either.

Obviously this is not widespread, but it is a server issue. One of the servers must be experiencing severe packet loss in order for this to happen. I’m glad for others’ sake that the other servers seem to be unaffected–but then again if they were, maybe this would have been fixed a week ago instead of getting progressively worse.

@Virginia1984, that’s a software and/or hardware error on your computer, and unlikely to be related to network issues. A complete freeze like that is usually indicative of a problem at the hardware level or severe OS decay. It could have been more or less random, or exacerbated by the game.

The weird thing is,
I was playing against Kraken for the first time and it was the first time my whole computer froze.
The game has froze before but NOT the whole computer.
By the way, this is a brand new computer with a ssd drive. The parts are all up to date as well.
Sky lake quad core build. I don’t understand this at all.

if you are using time warner, they had a merger with spectrum wireless. It could be that?

Our servers haven’t had an issues in the last 24hrs that we’re aware of.

It could be an issue in the connection between your device and our servers.

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Something has changed in last week and a half.

If I play on my iPhone at home, I now have to disconnect from the wifi otherwise I get all sorts of connection issues.

Edit: for clarity if I turn off mobile data then the wifi works fine. So the issue is that there seems to be a problem if the device is changing from a mobile to wifi connection or vice versa during a battle.

It hasn’t impacted my connection to anything else, and the problem with GoW is intermittent. Problem is it’s been happening a lot worse lately.

One problem since I had with the 2.0 and out is that the game causes my computer to have very high ping when I run the game. So if I run the game on background it is no way that I can use my web, it will be very slow. So I have to close down the game to get the ping back to normal, if not it will be very slow. Very annoying. :sob:

This has been happening for over a week; it’s merely gotten much worse as of today. I know for a fact my Internet connection is working fine for everything else. I sent in a support ticket, so the logical place to start looking is at whichever machine I normally get routed to.

It’s not a mobile vs. WiFi issue for me, either, because my iPad is strictly WiFi-only. Although if I were to use my phone outside of the home, I wouldn’t be surprised if having a different IP address shunted me to a different server.

It isn’t necessarily their server that’s the problem. It could be anything on the path between you and them, including the final hop to their server. And if most other people aren’t experiencing a problem, then it’s most likely not the game server. I’d suggest you send a support ticket with some information about where you are, and how you’re connecting, and they should be able to help you run some network diagnostics to figure out where the problem is.

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