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Server issues (October 10th 2016)?

Are we experiencing server troubles?

I’m having really long load times to start the game (both through steam and on my android phone).

I can’t start PVP matches on my phone (it keeps telling me to retry connecting to the server because the connection is lost), and on steam I can start and win PVP matches but then the game stalls on the victory screen with the retry connecting to the server message because the connection is lost. In both cases all I can do is close the application (and take the loss) because it stays on the same screen indefinately.

Both devices are connected to my home wifi, which is working just fine (my kids are watching netflix on the TV right now)…


I’m having the same issues. At one point when I was trying to load a PvP match I got a message saying that this week’s event had ended.

probably GOW team is working on It :sunglasses:

and end problems for me it’s ok :slight_smile:

Let’s hope. I’m just glad that it’s not just me.

my whole guild reports the same thing

end yet no :frowning:

Yeah, I had it tell me I wasn’t in a guild. Figured they are getting hammered so I’ll play tonight.

Same issue. Cannot go beyond Victory screen. Tried Wifi and 4G.

Looks like our server provider might be experiencing some issues… I’m contacting them to see what’s up


Awesome, thank you!

It’s Monday, it’s busy with everyone collecting rewards and ascending.
Server overload

We actually purchased a bunch of extra server capacity today, so we’re currently running at less than 50% of server resources, so it’s not the servers being overloaded.


Feed server more vegemite.

Guild its work :slight_smile: on ADSL/Cable

PVP system its work :slight_smile:

Same here. “Connection to the server timeout… Try again later”

It works sometimes. But it’s still really hard to play right now. Everything takes ages and sometimes doesn’t work =( It’s Monday, I need my GoW fix =p

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yep but works