Anyone else noticing connection timeouts?

Hey all,

Anyone else have many connection timeouts?
I live at +1 GMT, and usually I would expect a lagg spike when America goes home. But today I can barely
play a game in my afternoon.

I practically got it everywhere in-game. Be it at challenges, guild chat, or pvp.
I’m on a 200mbit connection, sixth generation i5, windows 10 if that helps saying it’s probably not me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone got any news about the gems of war servers?:slight_smile:

Yop, the game has been super slow for me today too.

Same here. Lots of connectivity problems. Barely able to level up troops.

Same same… theres already a support thread dedicated to a similar issue… (losing after battle rewards due to connection errors)

irnically i do get the rewards after another battle , went from 400 to 1500 gold on a losing game after the winning one :stuck_out_tongue: