Server issues today? (October 24 2016)

Have tried 3 times to complete tasks after weekly reset. Received numerous “Server Connection Lost” error messages before receiving this error message.

My assumption is that the servers are inundated with people trying to dump their gold contributions to complete tasks asap. At least one other guild mate has experienced the same issue and has decided to wait until morning. Just thought I would pass on the issue.

I have been having issues as well and after losing 10,000 gold last time I’m not even trying for a while.

Yeah Devs are in global chat, they know. It’s the servers taking a massive load.


It seems the servers are currently experiencing issues, this is mainly due to everyone jumping online to donate to their guilds or play PVP at the same time.

Anyone who has lost rewards should contact our support team here:


Thanks @Nimhain. You and the other devs on the ball as always. :thumbsup:

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I’m getting: “Server under maintenance” messages…

We’ve taken down the servers for now, we hope to bring them back in about 15-20 minutes.


Monday reset expect a few delay’s just wait a few minutes/hours to get back into the game without having any prejudice.

Our user-base has increased more than 25% in the last 2 weeks, that actually translates to a massive extra load on the servers on weekly event changeover, as thousands and thousands of players simultaneously try to do some of the most resource-intensive things the server has to handle.

There comes a point where we need to reorganize some of our database architecture, because just throwing more memory/cpu/money at the problem doesn’t fix it. We’ll start investigating if we’re at that point immediately.

Today’s issue is actually strikingly similar to the error 37 Diablo 3 had on launch (but on a smaller scale obviously). So it can (and does) happen to anyone.

In the mean time, sit tight, and we’ll have the servers up again asap.


If it’s possible to increase the servers capabilities on reset day and then have it teeter off as the week goes on, that’d probably be the best way to avoid spending too much on an oversized server that’s only fully occupied on day 1.

If things continue like this, a queue may be in order to limit player entry, at least during the first few hours of reset.

My plan at the moment (which may end up being fast tracked) is that we delay the sending of Guild Rewards (especially from tasks) so that players don’t receive them immediately… I think it’s largely the guild reward mailouts that are causing the problem - since even though we do changeover at the time of day with least server-load, every large guild usually has a few members on at that time, completing tasks like crazy.


perhaps a time limiter for gold donations for first few hours of new week
something like -wait 10sec before sending the donation -
could chill a lot of the traffic :slight_smile:

Great news for you and the team! Well, sorta.

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So, I can start sleeping later on Mondays and play after I get off work? :sleeping:

Edit: On a more serious note. Does my computer settings or Steam have any relevance with the current situation?

Any explanation for a random 25% userbase increase over the last 2 weeks?

It’s mostly on PC/Mobile, and I think it’s a combination of 2 things:

  1. After the guild update our numbers started climbing slowly… all F2P games lose players every day, but Gems of War players seem to have been sticking around more than before
  2. We’ve been moving to a 6-7 week update schedule, and I believe that keeps us near the top of the search rankings in the app store & play store.
    So, simply put, less players leaving, and more players joining seems to be the reason.

Very good, still seems like a drastic increase though, congrats.

Will be interesting to see how consoles respond to the catch up.

At the moment, the consoles & PC/Mobile are all sharing a server.
We’re going to break you guys out onto your own server before we do the guild update there (it should ALSO help to lessen the load on the PC/Mobile servers too)


Explains why I was ranked 13.000+ with 10.000 pvp points. Reward pool for pvp should definitely be changed since even 250 pvp battles don’t put you in top 10k players. .


Yeah I thought I played this game too much for my own good, man was I shocked to discover that my weekly playing (usually between 5K to 5500 PvP) doesn’t even crack the 20,000 mark! Where do the top 100 find the time? I love to play GoW (to the exclusion of practically any other game) but I gotta put it down after playing an hour, two at most, my eyes just glaze over!

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