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Server issues today? (October 24 2016)

I didn’t get to play much this week (barely made rank 1), and I ended up somewhere around 32-33,000. That’s 10k higher than it used to be just a few weeks ago if I didn’t do much pvp’ing. Crazy! Good, but crazy.

Yep that’s a huge increase. That’s why I’m saying the prize pool should be increased. I mean if the 250 wins didn’t get me to even top 10k what should I do to break even that xD


I think they call that the “right kind of problems” :wink:
I hope all those extra players joining/sticking around are causing an equally impressive spike in profitability. :slight_smile:


Servers appear to be down or going down. Hi new people, welcome to GoW. Please stop killing it; thanks! :wink:


Yep. Multiple users having trouble getting into PvP & losing guild contributions

Servers still taking huge load.

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yes, again victory became lose, because the fight has already finish.

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whole thing has crashed - did a map as PvP down - once finished came up “service unavailable” - no rewards

Houston, we’ve got a problem

Who thinks the Devs are sleeping right now, and this might be a problem until tonight? 5-7 hours give or take.

Sirrian, wake up…we need you.


< random complaint about server issues >


Oooooh my. Is that the new legendary?

Wanna wash her ship,eh ? :sunglasses:

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Sure do… Right after I dig a tunnel and bury my treasure :imp:

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Still having problems off and on…

EDIT: Got kicked out while donating to guild. Lost 39K gold and now it’s telling me I’m not in a guild.

They kick me out, an error irrecoverable. Of course gold contribution disappeared.

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You’re luckier than me, at least. I’m just having problems on and on…


I have zero problems GOW works :slight_smile:

Same here, opened a ticket to get my gold back.

its look like he goes well again