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Riverford rank 50 looking for two or three active players


My names Ricky and I’m the Guild Master of Riverford, currently ranked 50th on the Leaderboard. I’ve been playing almost two years and I named the Guild after the road I live on.

Since the 2.1 release its became evident that every player in an active Guild benefits by contributing seals and gold to unlock rare troops and team bonuses.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to strengthen my Guild recently and for the first time we are on course to hit the 40K seals, already unlocked magic bonus and are aiming for blue and red next.

What we offer:

A fun active Guild with members from all over the world
A chance to enjoy Team bonuses and obtain rare troop cards by reaching 40K Seals each week
We have our own Facebook page Gems of War - Riverford where players share Troop combinations and ideas

What I require from you:

That you get 1500 Seals every week
Reach rank 1 in PVP every week so the trophy count helps our ranking
Donate as much money as you can

I’m not worried about your level so long as you can meet these requirements. If you are still levelling kingdoms then let me know what you have levelled them up to and I’ll consider you

Any questions feel free to ask


Hey I do both of the requirements each week I’m a level 135 and I’d appreciate an invite my current guild is fairly inactive so I’d appreciate an invite my invite code is IGOR_31

Hi Igor

Thanks for the reply I’ve sent you an invite. :+1:t3::gem::gem::gem::slight_smile:

Currently on 37K seals, 2 bonuses unlocked. Still looking for a few active players with requirements above. Got some really good contributors now just need a few more active players to hit that 40K seal mark.

Message me if interested



Still looking for a few new players to be part of my Team for new campaign starting tomorrow.

Message if you are interested in joining.


do u still have room ?

Hi Alex

Yes I still have one space.

Can you meet 1500 seals a week and rank 1 PVP?

yes invite code ALEX 314

Hi Alex.

I’m typing in ALEX 314 and it doesn’t recognize it. Is it in capitals and a space?

Alexandru came up not Alex 314

yes …

It doesn’t show you coming up. I assume you play on Computer or aandroid and not PS or Xbox?

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yes steam and android

If I raise it to the help desk it’ll take a while. Can you search for a guild if I take the Privacy off?

We are rank 50. Riverford.

in search its shows only a few guilds
if u take the privacy off i should se u ?

I'm not sure. Ok I've taken it off can you search for it please?

i cant see but i will write on global chat
click on me
than recruit
maybe works

Ok what channel? I’m in 2


Just do you know the magic bonus doesn’t appear to be showing on Guild members games. I’ve raised a ticket with the Help Desk and I’m chasing a response.
Keep any money back for now and save it for tomorrow’s reset

If you wish we have a Facebook Group with 9 of us in it. Its Gems of War - Riverford. Spelt like that with the spaces and dash.