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Riverford Guild Rank 50 looking to recruit more active players to strengthen

Hi my name is Ricky and I am the Guild Master of Riverford currently level 50. I am trying to recruit more active players so we can all enjoy unlocking the bonuses that come with a lot of gold contribution along with all the keys and crystals we will achieve.

I am looking for players who are level 100, have maxed out their kingdoms to level 10 so they can contribute all their gold to the Guild and also claim their 1500 seals each week.

We also have an active Facebook page called Gems of War - Riverford for discussing team strategies, troop builds and other useful stuff

I will have about 5 slots open so please message me if you would like to join. I’ve updated the Guild to invite only so I will give you the opportunity to join if you reply.

Thank You

Still looking for active players to join us. Message me if interested please.

Still looking for one more player to join us. Recruited ten new players this week to smash the 40K seal target and unlock bonuses. Interested please contact me in the next few hours.


Hey I would like to join your guild if there’s still room I’ll give you my invite code if there’s still room.

Hi. Sorry I was watching the NFL. Can I ask how many seals and gold you can contribute each week please?


I can contribute 250k gold and 1500 seals

Ok excellent I’ll send you an invite in a minute. :grinning:

What’s your user name? bubu94 isn’t valid.


Message me your username when you get a minute then please.


My name is Spacecore94

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Okay I’ve sent you the invite to our Guild. Recruited about ten new players who are going to be more active than some members we had previously. You’ll see their seals are low or nil but that’s just because they’ve donated them to their previous guild

PS save any money for the new reset in next 12 hours or so.

I have 300K already saved to spend.

Hope you enjoy the Guild.

We have a Facebook page for guild members if you are interested. It’s called Gems of War - Riverford.


I’ve joined thank you very much for the invite :slight_smile:

Are there any slots still available?
approx. 300k gold a week, I always do 100% weekly seals, only level 91, no VIP because I’m cheap. Don’t know what else you’d like to know.

Hi yes I can send you an invite

Sure. I’d appreciate it

Why you kick me?