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Riverford Rank 47 - looking for very active players who can hit 1500 Seals and donate 250K plus a week


My names Ricky and I’m the Guild Master of Riverford, currently ranked 47th on the Leaderboard. I’ve been playing almost two years and I named the Guild after the road I live on.

Since the 2.1 release its became evident that every player in an active Guild benefits by contributing seals and gold to unlock rare troops and team bonuses.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to strengthen my Guild recently and for the second Week in a row we hit the 40K seals, already unlocked magic, attack and blue armour bonus.

What we offer:

A fun active Guild with members from all over the world
A chance to enjoy Team bonuses and obtain rare troop cards by reaching 40K Seals each week
We have our own Facebook page Gems of War - Riverford where players share Troop combinations and ideas

What I require from you:

That you get 1500 Seals every week
Reach rank 1 in PVP every week so the trophy count helps our ranking
Donate as much money as you can - ideally 250K plus

I’m not worried about your level so long as you can meet these requirements. If you are still levelling kingdoms then we are probably not the Guild for you at the moment

Any questions feel free to ask

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Still looking for one or two active players to strengthen for tomorrow’s reset.

what level are your statues?
what level do you get the tasks to weekly?

Hi Daran

We are level 256. The Guardians vary between 61 and 68

I’ve been actively recruiting players who contribute more and can get the 1500 Seals

We’ve hit 40K seals last two weeks and have unlocked red blue and purple this week.

The other tasks are up at levels 8 and 9

Just took in two new guys tonight who say they will contribute more than what I had.

Personally I’m giving about a million a week and Jeff in my Guild is between 1.5 and 2m


I get my PvP tier 1 by Monday & normally 1500 seals by Wednesday. I’m fairly new to the game (been playing about 1 month) I am still finishing my kingdoms however I only have 3 to go. I play at least 4 hours daily so will be able to contribute fully.

At the moment I am doing the challenges (all quests completed) once I hit tier 1 however I still have over 200 trophies this week. Obviously once challenges are done will be solely PvP.

Currently level 202

are you interested?


Ok I like the sound of it you seem active enough.

I’ve kicked someone who only got 800 Seals this week so I have one space open

Can you send me your user code and I’ll invite you?


I’ll go and leave my current guild now

Ok invite should be with you.

Don’t donate anything tonight as saving the cash for the reset. Just level up your kingdoms just now.

I’m very interested. I’ve only played for about 2 weeks, but play steady and have been in top ranked guilds in other mobile games. I’ll have no issue with the pvp and seals, 250k should be reachable if need be.

Invite code is Xuddam if you’ll have me. Thanks

interested. want to join a guild that can max tasks every week.

Can contribute at least 400k gold/ 400+ trophies/ 1500 seals.

What do you think?

Sorry I was in bed when you replied. Unfortunately the Guild is full now fit this week. Thank you for expressing an interest. If a spot becomes available next weekend when I recruit again I’ll be in touch


Welcome new members! Riverford is a fun guild to be in, for sure.