Riverford Rank 47 and rising. Looking for active players


My names Ricky and I’m the Guild Master of Riverford, currently ranked 47th on the Leaderboard. I’ve been playing almost two years and I named the Guild after the road I live on.

Since the 2.1 release its became evident that every player in an active Guild benefits by contributing seals and gold to unlock rare troops and team bonuses.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to strengthen my Guild recently and for the second Week in a row we hit the 40K seals, already unlocked magic, attack and blue armour bonus.

What we offer:

A fun active Guild with members from all over the world
A chance to enjoy Team bonuses and obtain rare troop cards by reaching 40K Seals each week
We have our own Facebook page Gems of War - Riverford where players share Troop combinations and ideas

What I require from you:

That you get 1500 Seals every week
Reach rank 1 in PVP every week so the trophy count helps our ranking
Donate as much money as you can

I’m not worried about your level so long as you can meet these requirements. If you are still levelling kingdoms then let me know what you have levelled them up to and I’ll consider you

Any questions feel free to ask

Still looking for two active players who can contribute towards tasks.

Hello Ricky,

 I am interested in joining your guild. I am tired of being in full guilds where half the players including the leader are inactive. 

I'm currently level 240. I hit rank one in pvp every week. And I hit 1500 seals a week as well. And I am still leveling my kingdoms.

I currently have 13 of them to 1 gold star. 17 of them to level 10. I started with the magic kingdoms and of course Whitehelm. Then proceeded to max out the attack kingdoms and now I am working on armor and life.

I usually play around 10 hours during the work week and between 5 and 10 hours on the weekends.

 I would really like to be apart of an active growing guild. Where we are not required to spend our entire lives in game. And what you are offering sounds perfect!!

My invite code is Chasity_12. I am currently in a top 50 guild atm. If you could please confirm my acceptance before I drop my current guild I would appreciate it. As soon as I hear from you I will drop my guild and join your's.

Thanks for your consideration!!

Sorry about how that last post went up. It looks like it might be a bit difficult to read. I wrote it and then copied and pasted it.

Hi. Thanks for replying.

How much gold do you contribute a week on average? So you’ve levelled up the kingdoms to 10 but just haven’t gotten the stars up? I only have one at 5 which is Karakoth for the magic bonus.

I took on a few new recruits who said they’d hit the seals and contribute but they are falling short and it’s not fair on the rest of the guild members.

Can you give me an average of what you can contribute towards tasks please?

Thanks. And yeah it was a bit difficult to read your last post lol

Sorry about the post. I wanted to make sure I had most of the relavant information in it.

Lately I have been donating around 60 - 70k gold to help get us to around rank 6 or 7 in the tasks. I can donate up to 80 to 100k while I’m still leveling my kingdoms, of which I only have a few more to go. After that I can donate more.

When I look in my current guilds roster and see 9 - 12 players inactive in a full guild I tend to hold back. Our guild has also dropped 4 ranks in the last 2 weeks on the leader boards.

As far as kingdoms go I just got dragon’s claw to 3 stars and yes I’m still working on getting the rest of them stared up.

I also have the death Knight armor and I’m vip 7 as well.

I think you will be happy if you invite me. Hope to get an invite soon. Preferably before end of day, so I can start fresh with a new guild for a new week. :blush:


To be honest the people Id need to kick out the Guild are donating more than you can at the moment. I appreciate you are levelling up the kingdoms just now but I don’t think it would be right to take you on just at the moment. I’m looking for people to kick us on to a new level and unlock all 6 bonuses - this week we got three plus the 40K seals.

Why don’t you message me when you’ve levelled up all your kingdoms to level 10 and I’ll see if we can accommodate you.


Okay, I’ll make sure to keep you in mind. Thanks.

Also just for future reference…how much gold would you want to be donated on a weekly basis?

Hi Ricky,

I am interested in joining Riverford. I have been looking for a guild that is more active than my current and yours seem to fit the bill, being able to hit 40k seals/getting 3 tasks complete. Currently I am level 224 and have all kingdoms at level 10 so all my gold can go toward guild tasks.

What I can offer each week:
-1500 seals
-300+ trophies
-PVP tier 1 usually by Monday or if not Tuesday night
-250-400k+ gold contribution depending on activity level/amount of explores vs PVP

Let me know if you are interested so I can leave my current guild. Thanks for your consideration.
Invite code: SCRUBZZ

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