Restriction of the Elementalist in GW

Elementalist is overpowered imbalanced class, so I vote for its restriction in the Guild Wars.

If this happens, then there is also a massive amount of troops that need restricting also…

Queen Beetrix for example!


Oh, I got one, too: Orbweaver. That class can die in a fire.

No, really, you can counter anything with proper planning.

Can we maybe first have a full war with elementalist to see how it actually is?


Or could we have a bug free war soon, my sword is getting rusty.


Yes I agree.

However, the original topic is valid as the class is OP, but they will never block any class from Guild Wars. They may decide to nerf classes though, but in order to do that, they would need to actually test the game in the first place!

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Goblin teams would need restricted if the Elementalist class is restricted.


Easy solution: just ban guild wars.



Alternate solution: No troops, Hero classes, or weapons that have a vowel in them. On offense or defense.

(Vowels include “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, and “u”, but not “y”.)

4x Cthyryzyx ftw!


Time for P4-NTH4 to shine.


If they never recognized or did anything about the plague on guild wars that is the empowered color converters, they’re definitely not going to do anything about Elementalist.


I’d like to agree with you, but their actions have no rhyme or reason. Who knows what the hell they are going to do/not do.

A full ban is too extreme but everybody knows who play the game that Elementalist class is overpowered and probably will be on 90% of defense teams in next gw, including mines.
A nerf to the class is necessary. If it would apply one of the 4 status effects on 4 or more matches it would be still in line with the lore but wouldn’t be so overpowered, yet still would remain much stronger than most classes.

Personally, I’m against restricting, banning or nerfing this class.
Elementalist is actually fun to use in its current state, and it makes GoW more interesting for me. I mean, it’s great to have something good in this game, among hundreds of useless troops and classes with meaningless skills.


Agreed. It’s not good to punish or restrict others who enjoy the content just because a few struggle or find it annoying. As has been stated, there’s always a strategy to counter everything in this game. You just have to follow through with it. Cleanse is more important than ever, as well as stunning enemy Hero so their third trait is useless. The tools are there, you just have to think it through.


I suspect the majority of players will use Fortitude on their Elementalist hero once they reach class level 100. Which makes it more difficult to stun that enemy Hero.

A lot of issues that many of us have had with other Hero classes isn’t always the trait, but the trait in combination with other stuff that makes it much more difficult to counteract that Hero. For example, the Stealthy hero that summons waves of Bandit reinforcements, especially if somebody using that strategy has untraited the Bandit as to make those reinforcements not-Stealthy.

Or just gitgud


You can see their team in advance of fighting them. You can custom tailor and even practice matches beforehand against their team. You get the first turn advantage and can often kill one or all of their troops before even giving them a turn. Elementalist is very strong but I think people give it too much credit. It does raise the threat level of a hero slightly but they can still be directly targeted and made your first kill priority if you are truly worried about it that much. If you do a lot of pvp you will see a fair number of elementalist teams but I do not feel that it is really that much harder, offensive team gets so many advantages. Instead of asking them to nerf restrict or remove powerful tools assume it will still be there and use it as a chance to learn to play around them and win. To me that is part of the essence of GW not it being a bunch of easy matches but ones where you need to make careful choices on your team composition board manipulation and use of abilities. Happy hunting.


Easy solution. Don’t participate in modes you don’t like. I do not do boring AF Arena and boring AF Bounty for instance. I suggest you avoid what modes that you don’t like as well. As you can see I am not calling for them to get rid of those modes since some may like them. It’s not about what you like and it’s not about what I like. The game caters to a lot of different people so there are going to be things you might not care for.


Easy solution. Use it on attack and as an added bonus you get to go first. My goodness folks complain about everything.


It’s easy to ignore solo modes that don’t affect guilds.

But when you are in a guild, it’s a lot harder to ignore the guild events.

Unless of course, you don’t give a damn about the guild or your guild mates. In which case, why be in a guild in the first place? Except to be a parasitic leech…

My original reply was just a snarky joke, but… I guess it flew over some heads.