Elemental Force Needs Nerfed

Devs, check your data on what percentage of GW teams use Elementalist. Especially in top brackets

Here’s an idea for balancing it, consistent with the lore

The four elemental colors are green, red, blue and brown. Elemental force applies a status effect for each color: entangle for green, burn for red, freeze for blue, and stun for brown

The way to balance it while staying consistent with the lore is to change the “green” status effect from entangle to poison

Would it still be the most powerful thing in the game? Maybe, but less so than it is now


It’s a pain in GW, when paired with Kurandaras curse all.

But at the same time it’s the only thing that is getting us through this journey event with enemies level 500+
Win some, lose some.

Elementalist is a fun class that has not become my main class in every game mode. In that sense it is not broken, and should not be nerfed.

When talking about GW, it is a problem, though I would argue not as bad as double empower into book, but still a small balance issue. I have said this before, but I will repeat, there is a few small changes that could be made to GW to help a bit with the frustration.

The first change, and one I think is most needed…Right now when setting the defend team you also get bonus points if you don’t duplicate troops. You get 2000 extra points a day by not repeating troops. Add to that another potential 500 or more points by not repeating troop “roles” each day (you would be able to for the full week of course). This would stop double empower instantly. There are 9 troop roles in the game, but the nasty combo we all deal with is the double or triple generators.

Second change, on top of the above suggestion, add bonus points by not repeating classes for the week on defend. If you added 100 extra points a day for not repeating classes, on top of the not repeating troops and weapons and my above troop roles each day, you are looking at a potential 2600 points a day by forcing defend teams to change things up a bit. This would help with every team using elementalist.

I have yet to think of an idea to stop books from being used that would not make it even more frustrating to set defend teams. The only thing I could think of is add bonus points for each different color used on the deafened team. This would actually be really easy to do, but a defend team might find it is one color short of a full bonus using a single color weapon, and be forced to not use a book. This suggestion is weak I know, but one of my thoughts.

There is already an incentive to not duplicate defence troops over the week. 24 different (including hero weapon) = 12000 points so its a bad idea to double up. Elementalist is vital due to the ridiculous amount of empowered converters now in the game which are spammed to death in wars. Sure, other classes can freeze etc but elementalist can do a lot more. Its a necessary reaction to “game design” and even then will fail quite often. Journey event demonstrates how badly it is needed so it needs to be left alone. Wars is once a month or less. Empowerment made it a misery and the devs continue to release such troops. Enjoyment is not on the agenda any more especially if there is a potentially lucrative by product such as maxing sentinels, potions etc to give you a better chance. I dont think poison is elemental tbh so entangle is more natural and appropriate

L…O…L With goblin teams still running rampant? HECK NO! LOL


@Malicious Do yourself a favor. Don’t let Guild Wars ruin your fun factor in the game. Rather go with a guild that ditch GW and still do most of the guild tasks. (If not all)

If it was not for Elemental Force it would be something else.

Trust me.

It feels good to help you out. :heart: :facepunch:


Only way i’d accept an elementalist nerf is if they take empowered troops out of guild wars.

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I love GW. I’m glad I’m in a guild that competes in Bracket 1

But it’s less interesting when it lacks variety. Elementalist and double empowered book every time gets stale

The entangle is indeed useful, even vital. in Journey this week.

Is entangle more “elemental” than poison? Sure. The other option would be to change the “brown” effect from stun to disease.

The idea of four different troop roles on GW is interesting, though newer players may struggle with the added complexity

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Everyone knew this was going to be OP the moment it was even mentioned in upcoming classes… i mean theres a crap ton of things that need to be nerfed as theyre overused but theyre not happening anytime soon.

And few an far between poor old mythics arent even receiving some buffs to make them actually feel useful or even worthy of the rarity :sob:

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When its raining , everyone get wet without umbrella or any roof

I think what you are stressing is imbalance? Do we want to nerf the small number of good troops and extend the grind or do we want to improve the vast majority of troops that collect dust? Without the small number of good guys, forget progressing anything soon.