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How do you feel about the new Elementalist class?

  • Needs to be Nerfed
  • Needs to be Buffed
  • Leave it as it is

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With the Devs determined to force restrictions during events (as opposed to Encouraging the use of certain troops/weapons by means of additional points, as per GvG), having a class that allows players to have a better chance at navigating these (oftentimes appalling) restrictions would have seemed like a welcome addition to the game, since Classes are not yet restricted during events.

However, initial response in the forum seems to suggest otherwise, and since Devs claim to listen to feedback, maybe a poll would better illustrate how players feel about the class, to avoid any misled claims that ‘this is what the playerbase wanted’ down the road.

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I think that third trait is so busted I almost typed “fourth trait” because of how much is going on. Other than that, lessee here, two generic traits are meh, talent pool is pretty strong but no more gamebreaking than Titan or Monk, no 50% start without Maraji Queen but that’s a powerful way to get it too. All things considered, I don’t think it “needs” nerfing. Fits one of my GW teams pretty solidly but I don’t have it at 100 yet obviously.


‘Leave it as it is’ for now,
‘Needs to be Nerfed’ after next Guild Wars.

The first two traits are meh, the talent pool is decent but no more so than monk, Frostmage or titan. The third trait is so hilariously broken that the second I have this thing talented to 100 it will instantly replace every single instance of titan and Frostmage in all of my teams and will likely replace Monk and thief in quite a few too.

I honest don’t think anyone wants this to stay as it is because it feels balanced, I can only assume people know it’s broken but enjoy playing with a busted class so pretend like it’s balanced so they can continue using it as is.

Heck, the fact that we’re even having this conversation says everything that needs to be said - the last time nerfing something was discussed was January 13th when someone suggested nerfing Queen beetrix.

Heys Devs, please fix the bugs first. Please move along. You can always come back here. I am anti-nerfing. Especially on the first days. Players never had a chance to try it yet on its full potential to start considering if it needs nerfing or stay as it is.


I mean, its ovbiously overtuned, but there should never be nerfs because something is “too strong”, its all about if having it as is makes the game more “fun” or not by merely existing.

The area I’m most worried about here, long term, is the PvP defense pool. Historically, any time a “freeze” meta entered the game is when I found the least amount of “fun” in PvP. The mere existence of Snap Freeze on an opponent drastically shrinks the pool of viable teams by a TON (if you want a consistent win rate rather than just “wing it”). And this class removes a good chunk of the viable options to deal with that, while also pumping out more freeze. And while freeze is extremely obnoxious to just have firing off all the time, the thing that is actually most egregious here is combining it with Stun, where previously you would need two team slots to do this passively, Entangle is really just a cherry on top (and burn isn’t really relevant without Fireblade), because if you are using a team that is weak to entangle, you usually will bring some kind of counter or avoid situations where it can wreck you. But freeze and stun? That dumpsters so many otherwise viable troops that could deal with one that if you don’t include a hard counter you are pretty much accepting a loss if you let the enemy get a turn at all, and that being an enemy that has snap freeze to boot. Yeah, a slightly modified blitz team with the players turn one advantage is going to bulldoze pretty much anything they have to offer most of the time before the trait becomes an issue, but for midgame players, and anyone who enjoys using some kind of team variety in PvP, this class existing as is a pretty big L. Also, as this develops, expect less pet rescues per week, especially from the midgame range, because having your team pretty much entirely disabled by skyfalls or empowered is going to firmly fall under the category of “not fun” for most people.

So, does it need a nerf? Well, no. Very few things “need” a nerf, and its almost never for the reasons people think. But I really wish they would have not released it in this state and we wouldn’t have to have this discussion now. Even if it only applied 1 status at a time, at random, it would still be among one of the strongest class kits in existence right now, and if they released it in that state, almost nobody would be clamoring to nerf it, and I don’t think anybody would be wanting to buff it (save for contrarians trying to prove a point). But doing that now would only serve to piss a lot of people off, even though it has been out for a grand total of one day so far and only people that have spent thousands of gems have seen fully what the class is capable of with a full talent tree. And you can be damn sure if they do nerf it, those people won’t be getting a refund.

This, combined with the pool of recent mythic releases that get toned down before release, just makes me think that the devs don’t really have a good grasp of what makes a tool not just “good” both in a PvP environment and a stat scaled PvE environment by also on content they continue to push out, let alone just having some fun possible synergies. With some recent mythics having non-traits (or even “anti-traits”) or mediocre spells that get toned down before release, and built in anti-synergies, then they just dump this one on us.

One thing is for sure, a lot of classes (and entire Talent trees) need buffs. And no, not to “bring them in line” with elementalist, but to give them a few relevant tools where you want to use them for situations where they could be, at least in the situation, as valuable as some of the stronger talents. Some trees have no defining talents on them, save for maybe the turn 0 storm (which is becoming less and less relevant with the “song of” triats inundating the explore pools), and some classes, like elementalist, have three strong talent trees of them AND a strong trait. But a class only needs one good talent that interacts with their maybe otherwise kind of unremarkable trait to give them an identity, which should be the goal here, not to pump out more “one size fits most” classes like Elementalist.


I think Elementalist is there for only one reason:

Dev #1 brainstorming: Look, players keep complaining about Goblins getting masses of extra turns and wiping them out with loops, what do we do? We can’t admit that we’ve made a mistake.

Dev #2: Ok, let’s give them a Class that can Freeze an enemy before the battle starts, then put in a Freeze Talent that activates on 4 and 5 matches so they can put in an Empowered Converter or two and they’ll be sorted.

Dev #1: Excellent idea!



If it gets people away from Stealthy and Bandits, then I’m glad it exists. Its definitely a very strong effect as a 4/5 match, but it still leaves room for some counterplay with Cleanse, Bless, Impervious troops, etc.

It would be a different story if it had built in curse or silence though.

Also, buff other classes so this isn’t an outlier.


Actually, I was wondering why the Elementalist doesn’t use flame (Fire) talents instead of Storms, considering what we have seen with the new Elemental characters.

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Yeah… This makes looping teams so much harder to deal with… It’s a yikes

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Warlord and Warden class traits be like…WTF is going on here…hellooooooo!!!


Probably because of balance reasons.

It’s already a powerful class (don’t personally think it needs nerfing but I may change my mind, who knows but I usually prefer buffing other things instead of nerfing one thing that is fun).

Now imagine it also having fireblade…


It is no more over powering as the other over powering classes. If it’s Nerfed then it’s basically useless. No 50% start unless you use TMQ which is only 2 days and takes up a slot on your team. You still need to get an extra turn and for that extra turn to hit right troop or you still toast to say a book team. If it had entangle top troop as a choice then yes it would be too strong. Everyone can use it too so if you consider it over powering then ffs use it and stop complaining.


Chop, chop. No time to cry. I am enjoying the new class in cPVP while hoping for the workaround in GW before I do my battles.

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LOL This class is the perfect counter to Goblin teams.


Queen Beetrix needs a nerf prior to anything else!

I don’t think it’s overpowered at all. Plenty of classes have crazy combinations of traits+talents.

I’ve been using Archer for the Journey event (22k miles) because of the 15% chance for lethal on skull damage. It’s crazy good against the super powerful enemies (mine at level 820+).

Dragonguard is really strong, with a 40% skull damgae reduction ANd gaining 1 life+magic on 4+ matches to all dragons, plus also having Banishment and Fireblade.

Dervish gives +2 to all skills to all monsters on 4+ matches, PLUS has double dodge chance (20% on trait and access to 30% Dodge talent).

and the list goes on with other classes that are very powerful in the right teams – Orbweaver, Sentinel, Slayer, Sunspear.

So, what doesn’t Elementalist have? It doesn’t have Fireblade, Mana Source, Banishment, Haunted Weave, Root Trap, Purification, or Stealthy. And many other classes as well have TWO great traits – Elementalist ONLY has its third trait. Orbweave for instance has Mana Shield and Familiar.

Monk has Sky Ancestry, Agile, and Good Karma. Crazy good.


She kinda did get a nerf in a way if you roll lucky and get her stunned and frozen lol though unless you also get a brown troop frozen she can still loop you to death.