New guild war defense bonus: Different hero classes

Many, many years ago, when we were young and innocent, the devs decided to include a point bonus per different defense troop used during a guild war week, so that it would no longer be the same single defense team all the time.
I think, this still counts as one of the few good ideas.

I suggest to include another 1000 bonus points for every day with a unique hero class in defense (teams with no hero or classless hero gain these by default) to soften up the eternal cycle of elementalists, orbweavers, elementalists, thieves and elementalists.

And if you are feeling really fancy, you can include suggested classes with bonus points to the daily colours too to give an equal variety on the attacker’s side.


Good idea but you would then have to do the same on offense to make it fair. Associate each class to its color and give more points for using correct color class on offense. If d cant use ele all week why should o

That’s what I mentioned at the end, yes.
If it is not a selection, that changes every time, I would suggest to pick the classes of the kingdoms, that have single-coloured arcane traitstones. That would be the following:

Brown - Runepriest
Purple - Sorcerer
Yellow - Priest
Red - Sunspear
Green - Archer
Blue - Titan

Sounds good to me, nothing completely useless, nor overpowered.

Not repeating class in both (attack and defense) during GW would be something very interesting, no doubt. Being able to use team without the hero and not lose bonus, that is, being able to repeat team without hero but not the class. well, it’s just an idea =)